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House Of Cards Season 7

House Of Cards Season 7


The series is written by the Beau Willimon and Laura Eason and it is perfectly directed by the Robin Wright the series talk about politics thriller and dramas. presently, it has a total of 6 seasons and House Of Cards Season 7 is on its way for the fans. The maturity rating of the series is 16+ it also involves violence, sex, language, substances the show is dark and cerebral and also the American politics and reveals the face of politics involved in America.

House Of Cards Season 7 is created by Beau Willimon. This is a prominent political drama series that is based on a novel which name is the same. The Novel is written by Michael Dobbs in 1989. The first episode of this series was released on Netflix in 2013 in the month of February and the last episode of this series was released in 2018 in the month of November.

Independent studio Media Rights Capital (MRC) Produce this series and it is founded by Asif Satchu and Mordecai Wiczyk and its executive producers are David Fincher, Kevin Spacey, Eric Roth, Joshua Donen, Dana Brunetti, Andrew Davies, Michael Dobbs, John Melfi, and Beau Willimon.

The show talks about a woman president Claire Underwood who steps into the presidency on her own and faces threats for her legacy. The tv show has won global golden awards for the best performance male and many more awards. Will House Of Cards Season 7 will be released or not? Will House Of Cards Season 7 will be the last season of the series or not check out below:

CAST: House Of Cards Season 7

The show has an amazing cast which involves the amazing star Kevin Spacey as a Francis Underwood, Robin Wright as Claire Underwood, and many more amazing cast and crew. The cast has beautifully pictured out the politics and the thriller and suspense of the show on the tv.


Talking about the review as per as audience the show has beautiful thriller the storylines goes very soft and relatable which can be understood and the performance of the cast is very much into character and is relatable to the character the anger and the pain and the struggle is being shown on the tv show. According to the rotten tomatoes, a 77% rating is given, and talking about the rating of the IMDb it’s 8.7 out of 10 and TV.COM has given a rating of up to 8.3 out of 10. The first episode was published on 1 st of February 2013 it has a total of season 6 Know the release date of House Of Cards Season 7 below:

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The series is about the congressmen Frank Underwood who has a strong desire to become the secretary and was promised to be the secretary of the state but later got cheated. Feeling cheated he wants to play a double-cross but later in the last season he died and his wife become the women’s president and now she investigates and finds the truth behind her husband’s death as she has a strong feeling that this murder. Fans are eagerly waiting for House Of Cards Season 7. will she be able to find the truth? Will, it will be revealed in House Of Cards Season 7?

House Of Cards Season 7

Talking about the story episode wise the first episode of season 1 talks about the newly elected president promise Frank his position as a secretary and his wife but later on, step aside from the promise. Frank takes a news reporter in his hand and twists the story which puts the white house in the light at the same time his wife makes a bold move at work as Frank has shaken down the congressional leadership and make Peter decide between his family and politics. As the education bill is threatening Claire’s personal ambition his husband fights for her whereas on the other hand Zoe mix work and play Claire has been caught making a bold confession. Stamper hides a secret of his past and Peter faces a battle. As Peter and Frank meet face to face after what has happened they have some unfinished business left to talk about Frank is also being honored by his alma mater, meanwhile, Claire looks after herself, and also Zoe finds his new comfort in someone else. Claire has his new flame as a new weapon Frank stick on his plan and here Zoe has a new threat. In season 2 the drama has its new turn as it involves tension for a lot of people including Frank and the Chinese Government and Tusk. A bitter war is going on between Tusk and Frank whereas his wife comes out with the news that she is being raped in the college by the General and starts anti-rape legislation. With the entry of a new character in the show  Jackie Sharp as a Frank successor who later on finds out herself rolled in the Franks plan at the end of season 2 the Tusk get arrested. In season 3 the tension arises between Frank and his wife and also his wife gets worried about her second act which is all ready for out as in season 4 the Tusk is being realized from the jail and is now placed in the witness of the protection. Lucas is worried about the truth which is out so he is convinced Underwood’s opposite opponent to work with him and find out the story behind the truth. In season 5 the Frank and his wife Claire Underwood has won the 2016 election against the Republic party nominee Will Conway. Going toward season 6 the last and the final season as the newly elected Democratic President has now had problems all their way from within and outside world result in the mysterious death of Frank Underwood with has left everyone amazed. The story takes a new turn when Claire Underwood is all set to search for the truth behind her husband’s death which according to her is the murder she fights and takes all her courage to search for the truth behind her husband’s truth.  Leaving you all with a question the series end is did she was able to find the truth? Take a look at this answer in House Of Cards Season 7 the final and official season of House of cards which will not only end the show on the satisficed ending but also give you an answer to the question running in your mind. So be ready for the amazing and also House Of Cards Season 7 so get ready with your tv and Netflix in your hand for a mysterious tv series ever the series is worth for your weekend binge-watching session. So cancel all your plan and book your weekend for the amazing tv show The House Of Cards before going for a binge-watching have a look at the trailer of season 1 for a better understanding the team has worked really hard to bring out an amazing series. we will update you soon about House Of Cards Season 7 till then stay connected to insta chronicles.

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