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Sword Art Online Season 4 CONFIRMED? Release Date Revealed!! | Cast | Plot | Trailer

Sword Art Online Season 4

The sword art online is the Japanese’s light novel series written and created by Reki the series depends on two kids who play the virtual reality MMORPG worlds. The runtimes are about 100 minutes the genre of the series is adventure, science, and fiction the novel is illustrated by ABEC the series focuses on the protagonist. The series is actually written as a web novel on his website from 2002 to 2008 the series launch in October 2012 an anime series aired between July to December it has been realized worldwide and more than 200 million copies were sold.The overall rating of the series is good and brilliant but some of the viewers don’t like the story plot and writing. The controversy is all around that it will soon be given an adaptation. It has a total of 3 seasons and Sword Art Online Season 4 is coming soon. Check out the release date of Sword Art Online Season 4 below:

The release date of Sword Art Online season 3 was 7 October 2018 and the third season was titled Sword Art Online: Alicization. The third season of Sword Art Online ran until 31 March 2019. An adaptation of the ‘Progressive’ series has now been announced and will be released as a film adaptation of the series’ first arc, Aincard.

Now we only expect that the 4th season will release sometime this year but the realistic date of release can be 2023 to 2024. For now, no any official announcement is given yet. For knowing more about Sword Art Online Season 4 read our article below.


Sword Art Online Season 4


The cast involved Bryce Papenbrook  as a Kirito and Haruka Tomastu as an Asuna as a lead actor  and many other amazing cast and crew who bring out the series and beautifully defined the series and bring out the adventure of the series science and fiction of the series the  cast was being  over voiced by the some of the voice actors

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The overall rating of the series is good talking about the animation and the adventure the rating was good and also talking about the sound and other features of the cast the series was beautifully directed and created. The series is streaming on Netflix and the program creator is A1 pictures according to the IMDb the rating is  7.6 out of 10 and according to the anime list, the rating is  7.3 out of 10. As the cast was able to take out the feature of the cast beautifully kept everything on the screen the series is worth watching and has a story to which some of them can relate. What will be the reviews and ratings of Sword Art Online Season 4?

STORY PLOT: Sword Art Online Season 4


Sword Art Online Season 4

The  SAO mainstream has ha people of 10,000 people logged into it as and when the Kayab appeared it told the player to complete all the 100 levels a steal castle if they want themselves to set free according to the rules of the game the ones who are being suffered in the game till the death of those who are removed from the game forcefully have to suffer the death in the real life. One of the players named Kazuto is also among the 1,00 players who are on their way to save the other and also make sure to save them from the discriminations he keep himself isolated from the other and faces the mantle all alone. As the player moves to the next level, Kazuto meets a young girl named Asuna, and alter he developed his relationship with him and this leads to marrying them to others later in the game the real face of the  Kayab was being discovered. This lead to the face o challenge between them and they want to kill each other in the game and also Kazuto wins the battle and sets himself and another player free from the game but in the real game, he also discovered the other 300 player and Asuna remained in the game and also get trapped.  He soon discovered the trick and help another player to escape from the game and also finds out that all of this was a part of the plan of Sugou one year later when he participated in the games of the fire and eventually lead to the discovery of the reason behind the player’s death who take part in the player-killing guild. He also helps in discovering and developing the artificial intelligence for RTAH and development under the Ministry of the defense he is also testing the STL by entering virtual reality cyberspace created with The Seed package, named Underworld (UW). As time flies time proceeds a thousand times faster than in the real world, and Kirito’s memories of what happens inside are restricted. During his time in Underworld, Kirito befriends Eugeo, a carver in a small village of Rulid, and helps him on a journey to save Alice Zuberg, his friend who was taken by a group of highly skilled warriors known as the Integrity Knights for accidentally breaking a rule of the Axiom Church, the leaders of the Human Empire. He and Eugeo soon find themselves uncovering the secrets of the Axiom Church, led by a woman. a war against the opposing Dark Territory brewing on the horizon. Meanwhile, in the real world, conflict escalates as American forces raid RATH’s facility in the Ocean Turtle to take A.L.I.C.E. for purposes unknown. Two of the attackers – Gabriel Miller and Vassago Casals – take control of two Dark Territories. One month later, Kirito and the others have their accounts forcibly migrated to Unital Ring, a new VRMMORPG which incorporates locations from all the other environments they previously visited, and investigate the cause while meeting some familiar faces. As the story seems quite interesting and worth watching it is good for your weekend to make a good Sunday talking about the Sword Art Online Season 4 which will be releasing soon the fan awaits for the other and exciting season to arrive. As the team is working really hard to get the new and amazing season Sword Art Online Season 4 so just take your seat and grab some popcorn for the amazing binge watch. What will happen in Sword Art Online Season 4?

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Before watching the Sword Art Online Season 4 why don’t you just have look at the trailer of the first season which as amazing as the first one so lets us know about the first season as talking about season 1 mention above we can predict how Sword Art Online Season 4 is going to be turned out so let’s wait for the amazing season Sword Art Online Season 4.


Sword Art Online Season 4 CONFIRMED? Release Date Revealed!! | Cast | Plot | Trailer
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