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The season deals with action animation and supernatural urban fantasy  it is the Japanese’s animated series  the series is perfectly penned by  Adachitoka. It has 2 seasons and Noragami Season 3 is about to come. The first time it was seen in Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine in December 2010. The series has a collection of 22 parts the further adoption of the series was taken by a studio named Bones it has been then released in English.  The story deals with the young girl whose soul is slipped from her body led to make her realize  her existence in the world. more excitement and fun is going to be in Noragami Season 3. The series is beautifully directed by Kotaro Tamura and the characters are designed by Toshihiro Kawamoto the second season deals with 13 episode. The series is good for binge-watching children will love the series. Check out the details of Noragami Season 3 below:

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Noragami Season 3

RELEASE DATE: Noragami Season 3

Noragami Season 3 is already released in November 2020 it is based on the manga series and it has currently run with 21 seasons since it is animated series it will be an all-time favorite of all.

CAST: Noragami Season 3

The cast of the series has an amazing caste Yato Hiyori Iki and Yukine the voice-over of the amazing cast is captured by Hiroshi Kamiya and Maaya Uchida, Yuki Kaji, and the other cast is being divided into  Gods and Regalia. The cast beautifully captured the supernatural urban fantasy and animation is done beautifully. The cast has been finely voice-over by certain voice artist who has beautifully dubbed the Japanese voice into the English and released it worldwide.


The series is beautifully written for children and teenagers. the series animated and it involves the supernatural drama and humor series the elements from the series or book have been perfectly pulled out. Talking about the sound system which plays an important role in the animated series the sound has some soft and some suspenseful sound build in it which gives the perfect effect to the series. Taking the view of animation and effect the both are perfectly done and take the series to the next level. Which makes it worth watching. Looking for rating  95% rating is given to the series which makes a clear-cut idea for the audience whether to watch it or not.

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Noragami Season 3

The story deals with the  a young girl name Hiyori Iki who is a middle class school going girl  the change happened when she encounter the accident with the strange boy named Yato. As she has all intention to save the boy  she pushes the boy out of the way of the bus coming towards him. As she is taken to the hospital she encounters different feelings about her body but things change when her soul suddenly slip out of her body as she comes across the existence of her in two parallel worlds the first world is the home of normal human and the creatures this world is known as the Near Shore and the other world which is the home for the demons and human soul lies is known as the Far Shore. During the journey of  her soul she meet very strange nameless God Yato the stranger she saved during the accident by accepting and 5 yen name Yato is very focused to make his name on his own. Yato tells him to give his body back to his soul with his weapon during this journey of bringing his soul back they have to sacrifice all the things they have friendship their identity and their past all have to be sacrificed to bring the soul back. Yato wants some followers to worship him to find his missing cat he goes around the downtown and scribbles his detail and in return promise everyone to give 5 yen to everyone he do all the work to earn the money. When a partner who starts to feed him and bring all the things to him and also dessert him finally when he finds his cat he runs out of nowhere to look for his cat in all this incident he met with an accident and in all this, he saved by a girl. Later when Hiyori discover that none of his friend has seen the boy he has saved being a kind person she has no harm on her body but as we know her soul slips off Yato dreams of being the Japanese god. Just like Hiyori he also listens to the voices after the accident and he is amazed as he leaves after the incident immediately when next day Hiyori comes to school next day she started feeling unwell after the incident and she decides to find the cat Milord and there she starts chasing both cat and Yato. When she chases both of them they all encounter a big frog and somehow they manage to escape from the big frog who wants to destroy and kill them after escaping from the frog. The Hiyori explain how she is feeling different from the incident and what she has encounter from getting nausea in the bathroom she thinks she lost her soul and will be skipped from the trial if she is not able to fix her soul listening to her story  Yato decide to bring her soul to her body and will help her to fix it at right place. The story encounters all the events but at the risk of loosing all they got from friendship to their strength and hope and this will all cost them in return for the soul. How they manage to fix the soul at the right place?  Will they have to risk all that they have got? The answer to all these questions is in Noragami Season 3.

In Noragami Season 3 the things will get twisted on the next level when Hiyori will discover the truth about Yato will this have any change on their friendship and their bond? So take your seat get ready with popcorn and get set for worthy binge-watching tv shows and Noragami Season 3 will also leave us to amaze and suspense. The cast and directors are all ready to give us an amazing show to watch. Check these amazing trailers of Noragami Season 3

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