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Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Review | Design | Price | Sound Quality | Buy in Discount rate!!

Everyone loves to listen to music. Check out the Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Review. It may be melody, rap, or rock music. Music plays an important role in our lives. People have been addicted to music since time unknown. We have heard the stories of kings who loved music and always promoted the growth of musical art. You could have listened to music on Radios a few decades ago.

But,  now with the advent of technology and new handy electrical gadgets, listening to music has become inseparable from life. The main thing that enhances the experience while listening to music is Headphones. Headphones come in different types and sizes. There are wired headphones, wireless earphones, Bluetooth earphones, etc. Let us see about the Bluetooth wireless headphones from Audio Technica, the Audio Technica ath -s 700bt. What is a review without its pros and cons check out Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Review prons and cons below:

The Ath-s700 bt is known for its completely awesome sound experience. The microphone and controls are built within this headphone. The control allows you to set a playlist, increase or decrease volume, and adjust videos on smartphones and other devices. Calls can be answered easily with this and it provides high-quality audio without the interference of outside noise. The memory allows the headphone to connect to the device last connected.

Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt ReviewThe Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt wireless Bluetooth headphones.

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Design of Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt:

The Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt is completely made of plastic. It is very light it is also very comfortable to wear around your neck as well as on your head. It also has a soft case which makes the Bluetooth wireless headphones super easy outdoors. Although it is Made in Japan, the user’s manual is available in English. The design is simple, the case, ear cup, and logo are silvery with the other parts being black. This design is attractive yet normal. You can read the user’s manual carefully to know more about the memory and control of Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt. The design is classy and gives a unique swag while wearing it around the neck. The design is loved by many youngsters and the Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt has reached popularity among gaming youngsters and others who use to listen to music.

Battery capacity: Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Review

The headphones come with an internal lithium polymer battery. It is rechargeable. The battery can hold the energy to support the earphones for a period of six hours. It can stay in standby mode for 200 hours. Charging can be done using a USB A 1.0m charger. The battery capacity is strong compared to many other wireless headphones and gadgets.  The charge capacity of a wireless headphone is the key in buying it as

Sound quality :

This is what we expect in a headphone,  the sound quality talks everything about the headphones. Bass and treble are excellent features. It offers good quality sound besides what the genre is. Sound can be heard clearly while playing Rap songs. Highs and Mids are very well maintained. Audio-Technica at-s 700bt is the best headphone anyone can listen to music with. The headphone has a frequency range of 20-24000 hertz and a transmission band of about 20-24000 hertz. Audio-Technica at-s 700bt headphones really offer a good quality sound. This is a better option for a headphone to listen to music with. Below is the Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Review are the special features stated:

Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt ReviewThe volume and control in the Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt.

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Transmission in Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt:

The connectivity is wireless and fabulous. Audio-Technica has developed these headphones with a wide range of signal connectivity. It can connect to smartphones and other devices. Like all the headphones of this time. The Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt is connected using Bluetooth as it is wireless. This connection can be made easily. This connection can be made easily with the Bluetooth of a device even when you are outdoor and busy.

Special Features according to Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Review:

This amazing product has 40 drivers for efficiently sharing the signal.  The headphones housing covers are glossy black with an acoustic chamber. The acoustic chamber enhances the performance of the driver. The music played or calls answered with this headphone is of good signal and frequency. Find out the other important features in Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Review below:

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Other important features

This Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt offers a balanced sound effect and the design is simply awesome. These headphones are very light to carry. The most loved characteristic of the headphone is their lightness. The price is comparably alright and the wireless connectivity is excellent.

If you are looking for light and handy headphones it is the right pick. The price of this headphone ranges from Rs. 21230 to Rs. 34706 in India.

You can gift these amazing headphones to your friend or if you are looking for the best Bluetooth wireless headphones for yourself you can choose Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt.

Audio-Technica at-s 700bt has awesome beat and bass and can give you the realistic feel of listening to the music in a concert.  The melodies listened with this headphone hits different. It adds a magical tone to the song with its high-quality audio. These headphones are a must-try for a music lover. It can also be used for gaming and answering calls. The beat of drums is clear with these headphones and without a horrific effect commonly we used to get with the drums.

But, some people also consider these headphones to be bad. Some of the drawbacks include the mids which are perfect eventually get drowned with a little increase in bass. Some reviews also say that these Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt headphones are okay but not perfect to give it a go. Other reviews say that the battery is light and cannot be removed, other conversations also say about the ear cup bring small and additional interference of outer noise.

Some Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Review also mention the sounds track being better than the similarly-priced Tracks AIR from the Sol Republic, and much lighter and more comfortable than the Sennheiser Urbanite XL.  The Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt provides a good experience of music but if you expect to have a headphone with extreme details don’t pick this and go for some other wired studio-style headphones.

Don’t take the negative Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Reviews seriously.  Also, to give the best music experience this Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt gives a good experience during calls and in gaming. The Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt is worth a try and you can give it a shot. But also consider the Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Review and make a wise choice. The wireless Bluetooth headphones are worth the price as the price of this pair is very low compared to many other wireless Bluetooth headphones. so what you have decided after reading the Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Review? answer in the comment section. Stay connected to read more reviews like Audio-Technica ath-s 700bt Review.

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