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Sony Mdr-RF985RK Review AND PRICE!! 3 HEADPHONES COMPARISON!! Get the Best Deal here!!

Sony Mdr-RF985RK Review

Sony MDR – RF985RK is simply put, the most spectacular headphones a limited amount of money can buy. They offer a pretty immaculate sound and the building design lives up to the Sony hype. The build quality on these, despite being a plastic build, is pretty sturdy and well, AWESOME! find price comparison and comparison of headphones in the Sony Mdr-RF985RK Review.

So, here we give you the review of Mdr-RF985RK high-quality wireless headphones. You can listen to pieces of music and see movies from this headphone. It is a wireless connectivity headphone. It is an automatic tuning up to 150.92 feet and wireless connectivity range of up to 1.57 inches. When using this headphone continuously, its battery level is 25 hours. Lithium-ion batteries have been used in it which is light and thin.

This headphone provides amazing and powerful audio. The headphones feature noise reduction to give a clear answer to the call. Its weight is 10.6 Ounces and its charging time is 3.5 hours.

The RF985RK has a perfect sound balancing capability where it can perfectly balance the highs and lows without any problem. The RF985RK is a pair of over-ear wireless headphones. They also have Bluetooth connectivity. The wireless range of them is around 190.52 m. Check out the Sony Mdr-RF985RK Review below:


The Sony MDR – RF985RK has a sturdy yet lightweight design weighing in at 11.29oz. The weight distribution is neutral. The design is also typical of any other over-ear headphones however, the Sony MDR black tends to be exceptional and uniquely beautiful.  Instead of being powerfully overwhelming, these headphones are very easy on the ears and fit rather comfortably. These headphones might be perfect for workouts as they do not easily fall out.

Sound Quality:

The headphones have a noise reduction feature. It allows the headphones to deliver a noise-free call experience. It tunes out the ambiance and provides a clear and crisp sound while talking to someone over calls. For headphones, it is uncommon to tune out the noise in such an efficient manner, and yet, the Sony MDR – RF985RK stands out among the swarm of similar headphones.

Battery:sony mdr-rf985rk review

The Sony MDR-RF985RK has a continuous usage time of 25 hours in one charge which takes 3.5 hours to complete. It uses a lithium-ion battery which is light and slim. The headphones come with a transmitter, for reliable wireless connection. It has an AC adapter and an RCA-to-1/8 mini stereo cable. You can also use the manual included so you may know the other features of this headphone. Read more in Sony Mdr-RF985RK Review below:

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Comparison: Sony Mdr-RF985RK Review

We will be comparing the SONY MDR-RF985RK with The Bose Soundlink II and SkullCandy Grind Wireless.

The Bose Soundlink II –

The Bose Soundlink around-ear Wireless Headphones II is a closed-back, over-the-ear headphones. The Bose SoundLink II also has a wireless build with a built-in dynamic microphone and a dynamic transducer. The Bose Soundlink II has an above-average quality of sound. These can provide a decent bass pushing and adequately accommodate the highs and lows in a perfectly decent manner.

SkullCandy Grind Wireless

The skull candy grind wireless is also a pair of headphones that fall in a similar price demographic and are the best for the buck with its impeccable sound quality and a slick and slim design. The treble and bass push are on these headphones are spot on. It has simple button controls on one side of the headphones which saves you from awkwardly using gestures as a control system. The sound is a huge departure from the SkullCandy of old. Big, bloated bass that gums up rhythmic cogs has turned into weighty but tasteful bass, providing power without pulling focus.

Comparing the pros and cons is also a really impactful consideration when looking for the best pair of headphones. What is the review without the pros and cons? Read the Sony Mdr-RF985RK Review pros and cons according to it.


  • Compatible with TVs and audio receivers

The stand features RCA as well as 3.5mm inputs at the back. This input selection allows the headphones to work with several sound sources including TVs, media players, smartphones, and the like, even if the source does not have native wireless connectivity.

  • Great bass quality with clear highs and mids

The bass reproduction of these headphones is what stands out from the overall sound signature. The Bass has good punch and power and does not sound bloated. The mids and the highs have good clarity and detail to them, though the mids can come off as too recessed for some.

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  • Long battery life

    It takes around 25 hours of playback for these headphones to go from a full charge to an empty battery. This should be more than enough for a long music listening session or for watching several movies in succession without having to charge the headphones.

  • Very comfortable to wear

These headphones have thick padding on the ear cups and the headband. These make the headphones very comfortable to wear even after several hours straight.


  • The sound may be tinny for some

The recessed mids of these headphones can make the sound quite a bit tinny and lacking in body. If you really want to have full and forward mids for your music then these may not be the best headphones for you.

  • Can feel flimsy when handled

    Plastic is the primary material in the headphones’ build. This results in the headphones feeling a bit flimsy as they flex fairly easily and also rattle quite a bit.

    *the pros and cons have been inspired by Slant. co


  • Dimension – 3.9 x 4.2 x 8.6 Inches
  • Weight –  10.6 Ounces
  • Battery – 1 Lithium Metal Battery
  • Battery Life –On standby: 1000 hours
    In use: Up to 25 hours of battery life
  • Cable – Included
  • Charging Time – 3.5 Hours
  • Manufacturer – Sony  
  •  Price-170$USD approx Sony MDR RF985Rk

CONCLUSION: Sony Mdr-RF985RK Review

The Sony MDR – RF985RK is a time tested pair of headphones which can withstand rough use due to their durability and also provide a sound quality that is second to none at its price range. Starting in the budget for these headphones, these might be the best choice as these are one of the most trusted pair of headphones used by many gamers as well as beginner music composers and producers. The design on these headphones is also excellent and strong and is durable in the long run. It has relatively long connectivity that extends up to 190 meters. Anyone looking for a decent pair of headphones might find better headphones if they’re willing to spend a little extra with Sony’s WH-CH510 which comes close to it with regards to price and stands superior in overall quality.

You can purchase the Sony MD-RRF985RK on Amazon

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