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7 Best Mechanical Watches under $500 | Get it from famous Brands! Best Review Guide

Best Mechanical Watches under $500

Are you looking for the Best Mechanical watches under $500? So you are on the right website. Here is the collection of 7 Best Mechanical watches under $500, which you can buy from amazon. Commonly, watches are used for see time.

Now we are living in an era of devices including digital watches and gadgets which does not mean that mechanical watches are obsolete. Watches are very useful in our life it helps us to see the time. We should do our work in time, so for seeing time watches are very important. In-home we can see time on the wall clock but outside you need a watch to see the time.

The era we are living in is the digital era. Everything from a boiler to automobiles comes in digital. When it comes to watches we get a wide range of digital watches loaded with attractive features. But there is always something sentimental when it comes to mechanical watches. Though they are a little outdated there are still people who believe in the fact “old is gold”.Nowadays mechanical watches are considered something luxurious. The perks of using mechanical watches include getting a long-lasting working watch that never runs out of battery. Some mechanical watches are also handmade which makes them much more special. If you are planning on getting a mechanical watch but don’t want to spend more you must read this article. Here I have listed the Best Mechanical Watches under $500.

Why Mechanical Watches is best for you

Mechanical watches are the best type of watch for you for a few reasons. First, mechanical watches are made with more traditional methods and parts, giving them a more classic look and feel. Second, mechanical watches are often much more expensive than other types of watches, meaning they will last longer and hold their value better. Finally, mechanical watches are often seen as higher quality than other types of watches, meaning you’ll always look your best when wearing one.

Are mechanical watches better?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people prefer mechanical watches because they believe that they are more accurate and have a longer lifespan than quartz watches. Others prefer quartz watches because they are less expensive and more easily available.

1. Orient 2nd Gen. Bambino Japanese dress watch :

This well-priced dress watch is the best for men. The traditional style of this watch has a great look. It has a mineral glass display and a black domed dial. You can feel the vintage vibe reflecting from this watch.

You never get this vintage feel from any other watches. Though it doesn’t come with a sapphire crystal display or a power reserve it serves its function better than anything. You can buy this watch and it will never disappoint you. Never worry about running out of power with this watch on your hands and it is always going to work perfectly.

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This is one of the Best Mechanical Watches under $500. This watch is super lightweight and it can be adjusted to wear anywhere. This also comes in five different styles and also available in classy black color. Once you get to wear this watch you will love it.

2. Bulova classic watch :

Best Mechanical Watches under $500

This is the watch anyone will crave to own. This watch is very amazing Best Mechanical Watches under $500. You will feel special and classy once you wear this watch. This is the most adorable watch that comes at this price. The style is modern but it uses chromatic metals. This is the watch that will get five out of five reviews from customers from all over the world. It is water-resistant and you can wear it where ever you want to. The Stainless Steel strap is more comfortable to wear. This gives you an executive look and feel. This watch also has a two-year warranty which is more desirable. When all these good things comes with an ultimately adorable watch who can say no to it?


3. Timex  Expedition field Chronograph watch :Best mechanical watch under 500$

Timex is the watch brand anyone would know. They are the sponsors of timing equipment in the Olympic Games. This expedition field watch is the one any man would love to have. It is created in a military style. It has a black dial not a sapphire one, a date window and the strap comes in a durable nylon fabric. You can take this watch with you to any adventures you are setting to. It has 30 minutes chronograph and it is also water-resistant. If you need a Best Mechanical Watches under $500 to take through literally hard places you should get this. It comes in eight different styles and designs so you can choose from a varied range of watches.

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4. Seiko self-winding watch:best mechanical watch under 500$

Seiko is the other prestigious watch brand with fans and customers throughout the world. Seiko has applied their full potential in making this watch. This is a Japan-made watch. This watch runs with traditional automatic movement technology. This watch doesn’t come with a power reserve. However, you are going to fall in love with this watch once you get the feel. This watch has got a five-star rating. It is also resistant to pressure, knocks, and falling. This is one of the Best Mechanical Watches under $500.

5. Orient Bambino open heart automatic Japanese dress watch :best mechanical watch under 500$


The name open heat itself will touch your heart. The traditional style of this watch has a classical look. This will give a very traditional look. It is also water-resistant up to 30m, this watch also has got a five-star rating. Though this watch is an automated watch it will give a vintage vibe and you can wear it for any occasion.

6. Bulova men’s automatic watch :best mechanical watch under 500$

This is the best example of a men’s mechanical movement watch. It is made up of Stainless Steel, glass and has a sleek design. This watch is also water-resistant up to ten bars. It is light weighted. This is one of the underrated yet wonderful watches. You will love to have the watch once you see it. The hands of this watch are luminous so, you can see the time even in complete darkness. It is made up of gunmetal Stainless Steel. Though it is very low in price the quality hits different.

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7. Seiko 5 Stainless Steel Watch:best mechanical watch under 500$

Seiko is coming again with another amazing watch under $500. It comes in a military style and it is one of the best gents mechanical watches. It has a green dial and a green nylon strap. It is well known for its strength and durable nature. Though it is not water-resistant this watch is super amazing and any man would love to have one of these Best Mechanical Watches under $500.

This list of Best Mechanical Watches under $500 will have made you clear about the watches in the market that are affordable but amazing. You can get one of these watches and present it to your man, dad, friend or brother. Any boy would love to have one of these Best Mechanical Watches under $500.


All these watches are the Best Mechanical Watches under $500 but come with the best features. Your money spent to buy one of these watches will never be wasted. This range of watches is water-resistant, fall-resistant, and also classy. Some of the watches have a vintage touch that will allow you to have a stunning retro look. So, what are you waiting for grab one of these amazingly super affordable watches and surprise your loved one or gift yourself?



1. What are the best mechanical watches?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different people have different preferences. However, some of the most popular mechanical watches include those made by Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega.

2. Why are mechanical watches considered to be better than quartz watches?

Mechanical watches are considered to be better than quartz watches because they are powered by a movement of gears and springs, as opposed to a battery. This means that they are not as susceptible to damage from water or shocks, and can last longer than quartz watches.

3. How do I take care of my mechanical watch?

To keep your mechanical watch in good condition, it is important to wind or set the time on your watch every day. You should also avoid exposing your watch to water and strong shocks.

4. How much do mechanical watches cost?

The prices of mechanical watches vary widely depending on brand, style, country of origin, etc., but many are available for less than $3,000.

5. How much does it cost to service a mechanical watch?

The costs associated with servicing a mechanical watch vary depending on brand and style, and can range anywhere from $100-$300. However, most mechanical watches do not need servicing often (every 3-4 years or so), which means that servicing fees tend to be low.


So now I’ve covered my extremely brief history of watches, as well as the differences between quartz and mechanical watches. Now it’s time to dive into what you all are truly waiting for – Top 10 favorite Automatic watches! As always, if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below!

Are you crazy about watches? Do you have a mechanical watch? Which watch among this list of Best Mechanical Watches under $500 would you pick? For more please visit Instachronicles.

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