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UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review!!: Best Headphones for the Price and Product Comparisons!!!

Are you looking for UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review? Here is the review of UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review. These headphones are very good. These headphones are very comfortable when you wear these headphones then it is fit in your head very easily.

The design of these headphones is very stylish and simple. This headphone has a very good sound effect. These headphones come in 12 vibrant colors. UrbanEars ADV Plattan gives you a wirelessly and comfortable experience of music. UrbanEars Plattan ADV has a great battery life that is 14 hours. To know more about these headphones read our article.

UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review

For 100$ USD, the URBANEARS PLATTAN ADV might be the best wireless headphones in the mid-range budget with its incredible performance and sturdy yet secure design. With its sturdy build and distinguishably Matte design, the UrbanEars Plattan ADV is one of the best headphones on the market.UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review!!: Best Headphones for the Price and Product Comparisons!!!

It would make a lot of sense to compare the definite pros and cons of the UrbanEars Plattan ADV. To choose the best we should see the review. Below is the UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review.


UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review

This UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review will be incomplete without comparing the pros and cons of the incredibly affordable and brilliantly performing headphones. According to surveys below is the UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review check out:

UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review!!: Best Headphones for the Price and Product Comparisons!!!


  •  The UrbanEars Plattan ADV comes in a plethora of colors ranging from black, white, eclipse blue, and 7 other colors as well.
  • The UrbanEars Plattan ADV provides a crisp and clean audio quality.
  • The headband is clothbound and detachable which is also washable so that you can clean them even after every use.
  • The UrbanEars Plattan has a very sturdy and secure fit which is very comfortable for long-time use.
  • It has a touch interface.


  • The audio quality leaves a lot to be desired but it is sub-optimal for the price it goes for.


The UrbanEars Plattan adv headphones have a very sturdy and lightweight build that comes in a variety of colors. It has a detachable headband that is clothbound which makes it easier to wash. These are claimed to be easily machine washable.  The whole design of the UrbanEars Plattan adv is decisively Matte. The ear cuffs are also detachable which makes it easier to clean them. The over the ear headphones are really comfortable and easy on the ear with their click-to-adjust straps for adjusting the headband. Depending on the number of taps on the microphone, the user can pause/play or skip to the next song.  There’s no carrying case inside.

It requires 1 lithium polymer battery to function.

No need to find those buttons on the ear cups because these headphones house a touch panel. It accurately reads finger gestures like swipes and taps. If you want to adjust the volume, swipe your finger up and down. To switch between tracks, swipe your finger sideways. You can tap or double-tap the panel with your fingers to pause or play tracks. The taps can also manage calls.

The UrbanEars Plattan is a really well-designed pair of headphones for specific uses but in the long run, these are not comparatively durable and that might be a problem to some. So read the UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review.


The bass on these headphones is sub-par and full-bodied, but fairly well-balanced with the high mids and highs on sub-bass content like the track Midnight City by M83. The basic sound quality is solid, definitely not unspectacular. It has decent highs and lows and a good bass delivery and excellent clarity. True to its price, do not expect it to blow your mind. It has a battery life of 14 hours so it is not a hassle to go around using them for as long as it is comfortable.

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Comparison: UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review

Without comparison, the UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review might be incomplete. So, here we will be comparing the basic design and performance of budget headphones in the same range as the Urbanears plattan adv.  The headphones being compared today have a distinct price of under $100 and are compared with the price and performance in mind. The headphones we will compare today are – Urbanista SeattleSoundMagic E10BT, Skullcandy Grind Wireless.

For essentially the same price $99.99, Urbanista Seattle fairs a strong competition to Urbanears Plattan adv when it comes to the overall build and sound quality. Unlike the UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review, these headphones have a 12-hour battery life with Bluetooth version 4.1. It has a range of 10 meters and comes in two different colors: Clown Black and Rose Gold.

These are not an overhead type of headphones much rather these are in-ear headphones that some people might find more comfortable and comparatively mobile. It is also a much cheaper price at $54.89. These have a decent noise cancelation ability and a basic volume control switch. It delivers a balanced full-range sound performance with precise bass, clear mid-range, and detailed treble for the finest musical listening experience. These are a comfortable fit with efficient noise isolation. Solidly built-in precision-machined aluminum. New upgraded 10mm neodymium driver and silver-plated copper cable with angled plug. Has protective bend/stress relief for cable connections

The skull candy grind wireless is also a pair of headphones that fall in a similar price demographic and are the best for the buck with its impeccable sound quality and a slick and slim design. The treble and bass push are on these headphones are spot on. It has simple button controls on one side of the headphones which saves you from awkwardly using gestures as a control system. The sound is a huge departure from the Skullcandy of old. Big, bloated bass that gums up rhythmic cogs has turned into weighty but tasteful bass, providing power without pulling focus.

Conclusion: UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review

The Urbanears Plattan ADV is a fantastic pair of affordable headphones that are designed for specific use and are also super mobile due to their lightweight and durability as well as the control interface on the UrbanEars Plattan ADV headphones is very user friendly with the swipe feature. For $100, only a few headphones on the market might be able to beat the overall build and sound quality that the URBANEARS PLATTAN ADV has to offer with its excellent connectivity and long battery life. If you are looking to purchase the UrbanEars Plattan ADV headphones after reading UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review you can find the link at the end of this passage. to read more reviews like UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review stay connected to us.

UrbanEars Plattan ADV Review!!: Best Headphones for the Price and Product Comparisons!!!