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Step-daughter of great businessman and show host Steve Harvey, Lori Harvey is pregnant or not? Revealed the real Truth!!


Lori Harvey is only twenty-three years of age, yet she has accomplished more than most of the forty-year-olds out there. She is the step-daughter of Steve Harvey and had started her career in modeling at the age of seventeen. Since then, she has been quite successful and has developed a very supportive and strong fan base.


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During her career, she has also been linked to so many men during the past few years. Currently, she is linked to the very famous rapper Trey Songz. The model has been living in Los Angeles and has posted quite a few photos of herself during this period. It does seem like Lori is also following the protocols needed during the Quarantine period.


Recently Lori took to Instagram and posted a minute-long video for her fans. The intriguing aspect is that the video suspected a sonogram, and the viewers and fans thought that she had forgotten to remove it before posting it. Hence, it is confirmed that she is pregnant, and as discussed above, her rumored boyfriend may be the future “soon-to-be” dad. There were so many crazy comments on this post of her, and many of her fans could not believe that their idol is becoming a mother at the young age of 23.

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But guess what, she is pregnant, but the sonogram was not hers. Yes, it may be weird and unusual to absorb this, but that is the truth. The sonogram is real, though, but that of her sister’s.

Shocking, isn’t it? Don’t be upset over this news. In fact, Lori had announced her pregnancy, which is real, in the month of March this year. There were so many angry reactions by the fans and viewers following which many of them commented that the model had created such havoc by putting her post just to get attention. Well, it was definitely the news of the day, despite half of it being almost unnecessarily dragged. We do hope that Lori did not intentionally play a publicity stunt, as it does ruin reputation to some extent. Well, let’s see!