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7 Best Swiss Watches under $500 Check OUT Exclusive Watches!

Best Swiss Watches Under $500

There is always something unique in Swiss watches. Swiss watches are really a legacy. Anyone would love to have a Swiss watch. Swiss watches are known for their heritage, tradition and particularly for the fact that it is a Swiss watch. Swiss watches were sadly not affordable by many men.

But, to put end to money getting in between you and your dream Swiss watch. Many brands are manufacturing Swiss watches for reasonable prices. Though these watches are not made with fine quality platinum or Titanium they are perfect for a modern man.

Hey, are you find the Best Swiss Watches under $500 so you have come to the right place. Watches helps us to see the time. We do not late for our work because of the watch. Everyone needs a watch, from children to elders, nowadays. When you go out somewhere, you can see the time with the help of a clock, so you know the time. According to many people, the Swiss watch is one of the best watches in the market.

Many swiss watches are very expensive. The brand we talked about in this article is known for its watch-making history and quality. But it is also inexpensive watches for which you do not need to spend thousands of dollars.

So, with the arrival of these Swiss watches in the market, you can get your own Swiss watch at a very low price and still feel luxurious about having one. This article will let you know about the list of Best Swiss Watches under $500.

List of Best Swiss Watches Under $500:

1. Hamilton men automatic Jazzmaster black dial Stainless Steel Watch :

Best Swiss Watches under $500

So the very first in the list of Best Swiss Watches under $500 is: Hamilton’s watches are better to know for their modern style with a traditional touch. This brand makes innovative watches with automatic movement technology. It also comes with a date and a power reserve of 80 hours.

This watch has a sapphire case and pearl decorations on it which you will love. The watch is about a diameter of 40mm, it also presents time on guilloche, Arabic, and black face numerals. The strap of this watch is made with fine quality leather. The Stainless Steel pin and buckle adds a more traditional vibe. This watch also has a luminous hand so that you can see the time even in darkness. It is also water-resistant up to 50 m.

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2. Tissot men’s PRC 200 Swiss quartz Stainless Steel sports watch:

This watch is unique in mixed colors. The price is also very reasonable. The quartz movement will give you precise time. The black dial of this watch is punctuated by yellow colors in two hands. The Stainless Steel case is 42mm. The practical date aperture of this watch is placed at 4 and 5’o clock region.

This watch also provides a luminous hand so that it can be used in darkness. It is available in a leather strap with a Stainless Steel buckle and pin. It is water-resistant and quartz-powered. It also has Arabic numeral indexes. Tissot has a specific fan base, you will love this watch if you are a fan of the Tissot motorsport industry.  This watch comes with features that many expensive watches in the market provide but, it is less expensive.

3. Victorinox Swiss army men’s watch:Best Swiss Watches under $500

This is another perfect watch to this list of Best Swiss Watches under $500 but, it comes from the company which first made watches under the name Swiss Army. Their watches are modeled for bossy men especially the models like this one. This watch has a fixed black dial.

The sub-dial is fixed with  60 seconds,30 minutes, and 1/10th of a second facility. A date window is also present. It is water-resistant and comes with an elegant leather strap. This is one of the sport watch models. It is 100 m water-resistant and powered by a quartz movement. This will give you a classy look.

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4. Victorinox classic Quartz watch collection :Best Swiss Watches under $500

If you are worried that there are no ladies watch this list of Best Swiss Watches under $500. This is for you. This super cool watch comes with a silver hand and Arabic hour track. It will give you accurate time. This watch will give you ladies a formal look.

This Victorinox watch is powered by a quartz movement, it is water-resistant and comes in a steel case. This watch also has a date window and it is luminous. This watch is scratch-resistant and accurate. This will provide a classical look to ladies. No women will want to miss this watch once they get their eyes on it.

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5. Glycine KMU 48 kriegs marine uhren rose gold plated steel men’s watch :Best Swiss Watches under $500

This watch is the best among all other watches on the list of Best Swiss Watches under $500. The black dial features a 24-hour track in red and Arabic numerals in a white hue.

This watch has been made with a manual winding movement that provides a long power reserve for the watch. The rose gold color gives of hands a vintage look along with the rose gold plated steel case. The diameter is about 48 mm. This will give a perfect vintage look. It has a 46 hours power reserve. The case is sapphire backed.

6. Stuhrling original men’s Swiss Quartz Stainless Steel analog dive watch :Best Swiss Watches under $500

This dive watch makes a comfortable accessory around your wrist. It also has an incredibly accurate quartz battery. The Arabic numerals present are quite oversized but that adds a kick to the entire design of the watch. The sapphire glass lens protects the dial from water, dust, heat, light, and moisture.

The Stainless Steel case is 42 mm in diameter with 200 m water-resistant. This amazing water-resistant ability will allow you to swim and dive with this watch. This is powered by a quartz movement.

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7. Wenger men’s 0641.102 sea force 3H analog display swiss quartz black watch:Best Swiss Watches under $500

Next in Best Swiss Watches under $500 is this super cool Swiss quartz watch is designed to be though through extreme conditions underwater.

It is an amazing diver watch. These features come in a very affordable watch. This watch has a sapphire glass lens. With a high scratch-resistant ability this will give you a clear peak through the glass. This watch is also highly water-resistant up to 200m. The case is 43mm. This watch will give a bold look with the black-colored diver’s bezel. The strap is made of a rubber strap.


All these watches are Swiss watches which hold their class just by the name. All the watches are the Best Swiss Watches under $500. Though they are super affordable they are really classy and will give a luxurious feel and executive look. Some of the watches also hold traditional and vintage styles.

\These styles are loved by many youngsters and men and women these days. Choose one of the Swiss watches given in the list of Best Swiss Watches under $500 and get it.

Do you love Swiss watches?  Are you planning to buy one?  Which one from this list of Best Swiss Watches Under $500 would you love to own? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Visit InstaChronicles to get more Updates and best recommendations.

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