Death Note Season 2: The series talks about anime, drama, horror, animation, thriller, and crime the series is streaming on Netflix as the series is nicely directed by  Shusuke Kaneko and it is being created by the  Madhouse, VAP, Nippon TV as the team ahs beautifully created by the TV shows. The story talks about the school-going boy who comes in contact with the notebook so as the name is being entered the book the respective person dies.

1. Is the manga series Death note season 2 happening now? So, let’s know about this.
2. This series is produced by Madhouse which is the biggest production house.
3. Death note is based on Manga which title is the same and it is a Japanese series that have Psychological-Supernatural crime thriller.
4. The writer of this series is Tsugumi Ohba and the illustrator of this series is Takeshi Obata.
5. The first season of this series was released 10 years ago. And now it is going to be released.
6. So here is good news for you that this series has started seriation in 2020, which has a new and very amazing story of Death note.
7. So, we are expecting its anime transformation soon.

The one who is watching him over his action is the devil which is always behind him to see how he take care of the book. So he is watched by the devil who got his back on his action and the boy realizes he got a new power to kill anyone all he had to do is to write the name on the book. Know more about Death Note Season 2 below:

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The cast involves Mamoru Miyano, Kappei Yamaguchi, Shido Nakamura, and Aya Hirano. The amazing cast has beautifully put the horror drama and crime in front of the audience as they have left the audience in suspense and horror to which the audience can relate to the voice-over actor also played a beautiful job when it comes to the voice-over. The voice-over is something to which the audience has related quite well.


The rating has very good as the rating given by IMDb is  9 out of 10 and the rating given by rotten tomatoes is 100% and in the case of Amie, it is 8.6 out of 10. Talking about the sound and animation all these have been given a very nice effect which gives you the one reason to binge-watch it as of now only season 1 is streaming on Netflix. The story can be greatly related to the audience you don’t feel any skip in any part. The story plotting and overall theme of the story are nicely directed and penned.

RELEASE DATE OF Death Note Season 2

Death Note Season 2 is being released on the 16th of October as of now it is not currently available on Netflix. What will happen in Death Note Season 2 read the whole story below:

STORY PLOT: Death Note Season 2

Death Note Season 2

The story talks about the Japanese’s school going boy  Light Yagami who is bored with his day to day life at school one day he realized that he got the power to writing death to the people in the scariest way as he finds the supernatural book and uses it to write the death and also to draw the attention of the detective. He has a girl and a demon with him to help him to write the death to the people the demon who has dropped the death note into the human world has warned him that he got someone on his trail now the question arises how ill he uses the book and for whom he will write the death ?.

While the world criminal is all set to drop himself dead L meets through the computer with his certain representatives from various community as the Light has also known by Kira to the rest of the world someone who write death to the people.

Now to know what all power do he got when he has a notebook in his hand to check his power he tries the notebook and writes the death of 6 people differently and understands what power he has now in his hand. Yagami has now wanted to meet L as he knows that somehow L has brought the FBI agents in Japan how to write the story of deaths to the people when certain FBI people are around him should he continue to write the horrible deaths’ to the people. Now comes the FBI women in the office with the secrets message for Kira and his force but Light is all set to use the book and get rid of the new women in FBI office the twist comes to the light when his method didn’t work for the women why did that happen this arise in the mind of the Light.

L insist to set up the camera around the police deputy house as the murder’s keep on happening now the Light is too suspicious to know how did the L has a very fine plan and how did everything work on his will so he is all ready to find the back story of L on his own. Now he knows that he is being posed by the L and he is just a toy by whom he takes the lives and L grow in suspicious way Light and mia both write the death when the time comes to Mia and Light shows their notebook to each other and now L has something in his plan as now he knows the Light won’t be working for him anymore so he uses Mia as his second toy to get his work done.  After some days of confinement now Mia is finally realized from his possession.

As death continue and somehow the FBI finds the L and his toy now L is all set to invite Light to finish all of them and now Kira writes the death in the most horrible way to clear his way but things turn up for L and Light when time passes but the plan doesn’t work out. This leaves both of them in shock why did this happen? find out why this happens in Death Note Season 2 which is already released worldwide why wait grab your remote and popcorn and take your seat for then a good binge-watching series ever. As per the rating given by different communities the series is worth watching you won’t be regretting this one then why to wait get your Netflix subscription done and see why the plan did not work. There is no new news regarding Death Note Season 2. Stay connected to us to know the latest news of Death Note Season 2.

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Link for the trailer of Death Note Season 2:

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