Former WWE Wrestler, James “Kamala” Harris died on Sunday at the age of 70 years! Reason of Death Revealed now?

US Wrestler James Kamala Harris died aged 70 years, confirmed by WWE.

James Kamala Harris who played and entertained as “The Ugandan Giant” died at the age of 70. James, who performed in the ring as Kamala, made his WWF debut in 1984.

He spent almost 20 years in his career in the almost won all the awards and entertained us with his fight. He won against various super fighters like Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker, and Andre the Giant, etc.

How everyone is paying tribute to him now?

Now on social media, platforms his coworkers and friends, fans to the family very one are paying him tribute after his death. His co-worker said he will live in their memory forever. Though, WWE did not clear how he died and what caused him life death at this age.

But fans are paying tribute to him now after his death. Fans are actually getting new and innovative ideas to paying tribute to him on social media platforms.

James Harris was born in Mississippi in 1950 and he made his debut in his career of WWE after 34 years. He was 6ft 7 tall and wight almost 380 lbs.

In the world of Wrestling James Kamala Harris is a well-known person and now after his death, every wrestler is paying tribute to him in their own way. they are mourning his death now. One said he was a good person by heart. Some others said He will live in our memory forever.

Also, WWE itself paid him tribute by tweeting his career memory on Twitter with his classical photos. WWE extends its condolences to its family, fans, and friends. He was such an amazing wrestler in his career and he had a beautiful and memorable career.