Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son was in jail since 2007 for the armed robbery. Did Tucker Chapman Killed Someone?

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son Tucker Chapman is in all news these days. Tucker was punished for his involvement in the armed robbery. He was sentenced to 18 years in jail. The whole incident took place back in the year 2007. Tucker Chapman is the son of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Dog the Bounty Hunter is the father to 12 children. But his relationship with Tucker is not so good. According to the reports, the father-son duo is not even in talking terms with each other. They have a very rough relationship with each other. But Tucker shares a really strong bond with his sister. Tucker is very close to his sister, Lyssa.

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Tucker Chapman.

Tucker Chapman is the son of Dog and his third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain. Tucker’s relationship with his father, Dog the Bounty a few years back when the dog was against the relationship his son was in. Actually, Tucker was in a relationship with a Black girl. The dog was not able to tolerate this and he gave some racists comments and also takes to his son about the matter. But Tucker made the recoding public where Dog was heard, accusing Tucker’s girlfriend of being black. The dog had to face a lot after his tale was released. His show was banned and he had to apologize in public. Tucker was sentenced to 18 years of Jail in the year 2007. During that time Tucker was just a teen. He was jailed when he was just 18. He was discharged on parole after being in jail for 4 long years.

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Lyssa who is 33 shared a throwback photo with his elder brother and said that she is missing him. She also urged everyone to pray for the well-being of her brother. Many of the people came in support of Tucker and wished him good luck.