Kobe Bryant and Vanessa’s marriage complications, not easy journey to their happy married life. Know all insights.

Kobe Bryant and Daughter Gianna’s death

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Kobe Bryant, the most famous basketball personality in history was announced dead on 26 January 2020. The day was covered by this dark news and the whole world was mourning. His daughter Gianna was also with what’s also not able to make it up to the end and also died. The accident took place in Calabasas, California. They both were travelling in a helicopter which just crashed out of nowhere. In one day, basketball sports have lost its two enormous talented basketball players which were an asset to it.

Kobe and Vanessa’s relationship

Kobe and Vanessa net through a song shoot when they both were going through their adulthood in 1999. at that time Kobe was just 20 years old and Vanessa was 17 years old. Kobe was so much into her that they became high school sweethearts and never left each other sides. In 2000, when Vanessa turned 18 years old. Kobe offered her ring and proposed her. They got engaged and had four beautiful daughters who were loved by him dearly and also often called them his princesses. Sometimes he was mocked by his friends too, who said it takes a real man to have a son to which he always replied by saying well, it takes a real king to have such beautiful and caring daughters.

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Intrusion between their relationship

Kobe and Vanessa’s life sounds no little than a fairy tale but every beautiful story has a twist and hence this was not any different. It has been acknowledged lately that Kobe’s father was not approved by his marriage to Vanessa and never interacted with her. His parents also didn’t come to their wedding and shower their blessings on the newly married couple. Also much to the fans surprise, the father and son duo didn’t speak almost three years after the wedding. Addition to this, there was one time when the couples had a problem other than their family. In 2003, Kobe was accused of sexual assault by a woman. To which he replied that he totally admits that he has not been loyal to Vanessa wholly and had cheated on her but he denied the fact that he assaulted her and said that whatever happened between them was consensual. After which the woman withdrew her case and Kobe was released and made free from any police charges.