Is Katie Holmes is really broke after her breakup with Jamie Foxx? How they are doing right now?

In Hollywood, there are several rumours that spread. Just like that there also a rumour that is going around these days is “Katie Holmes is broke”. The source claims that actress is broke after her breakup with Jamie Foxx.

One of the sources claimed that Katie had sold her Villa worth 6 million dollars. Because she needed that much money for the survival of her and her daughter. The source also claimed that Katie career is not going well. Batman begins was his last movie. She is not even getting work in the Film industry. She had to do some cheap TV series for the money. She even worked on different Ads to fulfil her needs. She has worked in different Ads like Quaker Oats and Breyers. That is the main reason why she sold her Villa because she can’t maintain it.

Source of image: The News

The source even claimed that she didn’t even take money from Tom Cruise when the couple split with each other. And the main thing is that she regrets about it now. Her life is not good she needs money for her and for her daughter maintenance. The source even claimed that Katie even regret about travelling in public transport and wearing preppy clothes. Well, if any actress hit her rock-bottom and go through the same thing they obviously are going to regret it.

Well, all these rumours are not true. Katie Holmes is financially stable and she even receives $400,000 from Tom Cruise annually for Child support for their daughter. Which is more than enough for the actress and her daughter. Again these rumours are proved fake.

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