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Is Kate Middleton going to have twins or she is not pregnant at all. Know all inside information here.

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy

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After being the mother of three children, the Duchess of Cambridge announced her fourth pregnancy to the queen. Everyone was happy until, during a regular checkup from which Kate was going through, she heard something unusual. It was during her checkup that she heard two heartbeats instead of one which confirmed that the to-be queen of England has been pregnant with twins. Yes, you all heard it right.

How is Prince Williams has been taking the news?

Prince Williams was really shocked by hearing the news and was hardly maintaining his composure on listening to it. But as he was taking the news in and accepting it, he tried really hard to hug his wife. the news has been shocking and difficult to be accepted by Prince Williams as he knew that this pregnancy will surely gonna affect his wife’s health and he instantly became worried for her health and afraid of losing her. The insiders tell that soon-to-be king Prince Williams has been taking care of his wife as soon as the twins’ news has been heard by him.

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Kate Middleton’s health during pregnancy

Though Prince William’s concern has not been wrong on his side as Kate’s previous pregnancies have not been normal or gone smoothly. when previously she was in labour, before that her blood pressure fluctuated which arose real serious problems with her health and normal pregnancies. Though there has also been informed that Williams didn’t want any more kids after the third one. Also, Kate Middleton was supposed to give birth in the month of May, but there hasn’t been any news about that. That’s why it has also been saying that maybe she isn’t pregnant.

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