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Jacob Blake Protests: Candace Owens Yet Again Mocks Lebrone Jones

Players are very much needed in any game but the players also have to know about the rules and regulation of the game where without having awareness they can kick out asses of many where many will feel the same in the players game, where the players play a really tough game and hurt the other players without any concern.

I hope you got the content of our article where we are gonna about the trending issue in the article!


Not everyone likes candace, Owens. Hot new hip-hop reported today that the controversial political figure has been making waves in the Republic for years now, especially she first appeared with Kanye West during Kanye’s infamous pro-trump rant where she claims about a political figure.

Hip-hop commented with a smile emoji taking a dig at LeBron James. James has become politically active since the black lives matter and raised his voice against injustice on black people. He has encouraged the Los Angeles Lakers to sit out for the rest of the NBA season for showing its support where some are still not understanding the situation where James raising his voice for the needy.

The ongoing situation and killing of Taylor by the police have triggered the reactions of many people all across the globe where everyone reacted with humanity where it lacked in the police.

The incident took place when police came to arrest her boyfriend for involvement in drugs which led to a very sad situation where no one can’t stop it unless it became a viral and trended video which not a good thing. The police fired as a warning shot and they fired back by killing Breonna Taylor.

Concluding my article saying that every situation has to think twice because loss or gain can change one’s fate.



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