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Meek Mill Caught Looking For His Wife During Monica And Brandy Verzuz

Let’s check out today’s article where the situations can sometimes bring you an awkward situation where nothing but we have to explain it. So, in this article, we are going to know something like that by scrolling down…


Monica and Brandy versus break the record on Instagram live last night by matching up and attracting over 1.2million sets of eyes for their battle o versus. These two ladies had the top viewership of versus battle to date and according to Swizz Beatz where they allegedly pulled in more fans than the others.

Fans celebrated the culture through the outstanding hits face-off between brandy and Monica where mill admitted that he was checking out on the event for few reasons where he loved the nostalgic music played by both women as well as their presentation!!!

Coming to the comment section the Philadelphia rapper exposed himself by telling 1.2 million people that he was looking for the love of his life in comments where it is a very suspicious statement by him where mill historically had difficulty with love. Hopefully, this helped meek Mill find a new batch of the woman to head on dates with.

Meek mill deserves the best where the 33year old man, written: “I KNOW MY SOULMATE IN HERE SOMEWHERE”. We are sure that after this statement DMs are flooded with women trying to plead their case.

Meek opened up himself fully where the statements by him are mesmerizing because mill opened up as he is searching for his life partner and left a clue for us as the mill is single where he is ready to mingle:)))))

Many singles are once tasted the love life but not with a correct person because tasting any relation has its flavor where mixing the taste gives us the bitter result which we can see in this article.

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