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A worker fired from his work after posting a TikTok video: he mixed bleach ice in a drink, keep reading to know more what happened after that

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A TikTok video was posted on the TikTok app that is against a restaurant. Van Greysons Heart named man posted this video on TikTok. In this video, he claimed that an employee made a drink by bleach ice and they called it “the blood of innocent black men”. This video has shown the Starbucks and after this video, that employee has been fired from his work. People after knowing this, are really angry with this incident and they keep trolling Starbucks. The Store is more popular than others and after this incident, many people denied to get there.

In this video, that guy put background music ‘All I want for Christmas is a Few Dead Cops.’ A target employee has been fired from his job. In this video, Greyson had not been shown but that employee has been clearly shown that he was using bleach ice for the drink. Greyson said at the beginning of the video “Hi guys, I updated my recipe for the Blue Lives Matter drinks.” After that, the employee was making a drink in which he added blue ingredients that Starbucks special thing and then he put the bleach ice and blend it. After that, the drink has been served with a blue straw. Then the employee said in the video “because they only think about themselves.” That employee is also a TikTok who make videos like that.

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The whole incident was not a complete story actually the truth has come out after asking the employee. He told that the drink had not been served to the customers. They said they even don’t know that the actual bleach ice is to be served for the drink, in fact, milk, water, and colour are to be served.

After this, the TikTok had taken action to remove that video from the TikTok platform. Keep reading to know more related news to this and some other news. We will let you know more about new trends and celebrities news, environment news, crime news, etc.