Dan Andrews Confirms Two More Weeks Of Stage 4 in New COVID-19 Roadmap, Here are the Latest Updates –

Daniel Andrews announced the “roadmap towards a COVID normal” for the state of Victoria in his press conference. The Stage 4 restrictions will be extended for two weeks from September 13. These restrictions must be followed to fight with such a wicked and deadly virus.

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Dan Andrews Confirms Two More Weeks Of Stage 4 in New COVID-19 Roadmap Updates –

Dan said in the conference that the current structure indicates a “very high likelihood” of a third wave. The state will lose its “self-control” if the  Victoria opens too fast. He also said that  “We can’t run out of lockdown. We have to take steady and safe steps out of lockdown to find that COVID normal and make sure that when we open up we can stay open.

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The Victorian State Government published the Roadmap to Reopening on the 6th of September. Well, Andrew announced that from 11.59 pm on September 13, the current Stage 4 restrictions will extend for two weeks for Metropolitan Melbourne.

Several changes are made for two weeks’ restrictions from 13 September to 28 September. These changes are mentioned below –

  • The 8 pm curfew will be eased and expanded to 9 pm from next Sunday. Public outdoor gatherings of two people will be allowed for up to two hours.
  • Social bubbles to accommodate those who live on their own will be created, similar to intimate partner arrangements.
  • Playgrounds will reopen. Outdoor exercise will be increased to two hours per day.

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If the daily average cases are between 30-50 then the following rules are applicable –

  • Public gatherings will increase to 5 people and outdoor pools will reopen and personal training will be allowed for two people.
  • Workplaces will reopen and “110000 workers who are currently unable to attend work will be able to do so”.

Subject to public health advice and if daily average cases are less than 5 then from 26th October following rules are applicable.

  • The curfew will no longer apply and retail and hairdressing will reopen. There will be no restrictions on reasons or distances traveled for leaving home.
  • Public gathering limits will be further lifted for outdoors. Hospitality, including outdoor seated service, will be recommended.

If and when there are no new cases for 14 days then from 23rd November following rules are applied –

  • Gatherings of up to 50 will be allowed outdoors. Visitors to homes can increase to 20.
  • Hospitality will have an indoor limit of 20 and a cap of 50. Weddings and funerals will allow up to 50 people.
  • There will be further easing of  restrictions on sport and all retail will open

Dan said that “the COVID normal after those steady steps will see most restrictions dropped subject to safety conditions.”