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Sech has made new collaboration! Click here and get to know everything regarding the collaboration and ideas in detail.

Balvin music idea.

A new collaboration has been made between Panamanian artist and non-other than J Balvin, Daddy Yankee because of his remix. A music video was uploaded by the artist which was done in Miami and Fernando Lugo directed this music video on Thursday. Let’s look deeper into the matter regarding the collaboration made in between them.

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Sech spoke about how he got this new idea and how it worked. According to his words, Sech got this idea out of nowhere and the record got good numbers of positive remarks from his other colleagues. But Balvin was the first-ever person who came first to the board. 

Then after interacting with Balvin, they both agreed to work together on this music. After that also Sech was not much confident and was not sure if he reaches out first or not. But he had full faith and acted accordingly. Further Sech added that he is grateful for sharing such kind of work with his fellow fans. 

Well, the video appreciated the artist in a different manner if out of this world kind of. The story entails about the Astronauts who have landed on another planet ( particularly two astronauts). Then, both of them express their hidden feelings for each other.

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They expressed everything to each other before returning back to the meaningless and vague life that they had left behind. Balvin had shared his idea regarding his upcoming work that he had planned to release despite the break of the coronavirus pandemic in the entire world. 

After that Balvin has asked whether they want the song to happen or not and the maximum number out of them agreed and demanded to release the song right now and they wanted Colores. Then Balvin became sure that this is the time when he should work on his particular work. 

At last, Balvin spoke and said that when you do things honestly and give your heart to it then the work has to become amazing no matter what. Thus, he (Belvin) felt grateful for not giving up easily and working on it with all love from his fans and friends.