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Facebook Is Apparently Adding Instagram Stories to Its Main App

Some users are apparently seeing Instagram stories on Facebook.Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP (Getty Images)

Facebook has made it no secret that it wants to entwine Instagram into its main blue app as much as possible (to some Instagram users’ chagrin.) Its latest experiment apparently involves putting Instagram stories directly on Facebook.

According to a report in the Verge, some Facebook users have recently begun seeing Instagram stories in their Facebook story feeds. A Facebook representative apparently confirmed the news to Matt Navarra, a social media industry commentator and consultant, and stated that it was a limited test. The representative added that Facebook would be listening to feedback from its community on the potential new feature.

In a screenshot posted by a Twitter user and Navarra on Friday, Facebook seemingly explains that not just anyone can view an Instagram story on Facebook. In order to do so, users have to link their Instagram accounts to Facebook and have this viewing setting turned on. Facebook states that people who don’t follow a user on Instagram will not be able to see that user’s stories.

Facebook also purportedly stressed that even though stories will be in two places, users’ overall experience would not change. That’s because users will still essentially be sharing their stories with the same people on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, Instagram stories on Facebook (which will have a pink and orange circle) will appear with a user’s Instagram handle. And although the stories will be viewed on Facebook, users will see all story views and replies on Instagram.

In recent years, Facebook has worked to bring all of its popular apps, which include WhatsApp and Instagram, closer together. Last month, Facebook launched a new test experience on Instagram messaging for some users. The new experience updated the look of Instagram direct messages and promoted the possibility of chatting with people who use Facebook.

Who knows, maybe in the future we won’t have an app named Instagram or Facebook. We’ll just have one giant purple and blue app, owned by Facebook, that does everything.

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