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Salma Hayek – American and Mexican actress – uploaded a series of photos as she turned 54 years old. Click here and get to know everything regarding her in detail.

Salma Hayek – turned 54!

Salma Hayek is a beautiful and charming American and Mexican actress. The actress (Salma) just completed her fifty fours years as she celebrated her birthday this year. Salma Hayek maintains her official Instagram handle perfectly by sharing interesting feeds regularly. She tries to stay connected with her fans by regularly updating her Instagram profile (Salma Hayek profile).



If you are her fan or follower then you must have seen her feeds which are full of interesting stuff. Salma Hayek uploads each and every interesting stuff, that include maybe her beautiful and charming photo, loved photos of pet dogs, or vacation and holiday photographs.

Recently Salma Hayek uploaded a series of photographs of her birthday and she looked perfect and amazing as usual. In a few photos of her which Salma has uploaded, it can be seen that she was wearing a very beautiful sunshine yellow colored dress along with red lipstick with proper jewelry that made her look even prettier.


Salma Hayek expressed her love and gratitude for her beloved fans through her Instagram social media handle. She wrote how much she appreciates the love and the attention that she has been receiving. Salma also thanked one of the fans for gifting a very lovely gift on her 54th birthday.

Even Salma took a moment of appreciating each and every moment of her life and thus she said that she loves the way she lives and will never regret it under any condition. Salma is grateful for her life and the respect she has been receiving. 


Salma Hayek is currently spending her quality time in Greece and she has been enjoying the place since the middle of August. Her photo that she had uploaded while enjoying at greek has grabbed a lot of attention and has been receiving all the positive vibes from her fans. 

Earlier Salma Hayek had posted a photo where she was seen wearing a beautiful swimming suit. Even, she also captioned the photo by writing that this is not a throwback kind of photo. The American and Mexican actress is still looking very charming and beautiful as she just marked 54 years of her life – perfectly defining age is just a number.