HomeEntertainmentWho Is Brad Pitt New GirlFriend???Oops Again Angelina Jolie Or LooksLike Angelina Jolie!!!!Check It Out Now

Who Is Brad Pitt New GirlFriend???Oops Again Angelina Jolie Or LooksLike Angelina Jolie!!!!Check It Out Now

Can you ever guess that our ex-lover, if any:))) looks similar to our present partner it makes a little awkward and a little guilt which we feel if we have real bonding with our past partner; if we have a bad past or experience, we feel hurt because of it.

But in someone’s what the experience and feeling of having a similar girlfriend whom he is seeing from the past decade where he replaced the girl where it didn’t take notice until and unless we observe it!!! Let’s check out the article to know the full story.

Who Is Brad Pitt New Girlfriend??

The most exciting answer nowadays because brad Pitt, the 56years old actor is always seen in the news where his personal life is an open book to everyone where a minute issue is also is known by everyone as he is famous and seen in the information every time. This time he is with his new girlfriend who is 27years old model from Poland who is similar and looks like a sibling of Angelina Jolie, where they both are living in the south of France where Angelina and Brad are currently sharing.

Who Is Looking Like Angelina Jolie!!!

Nicole Poturalski, who is a current model from Poland who is sharing her time between California and Germany, whose modeling photos are going viral now. Nicole is currently the girlfriend of 56years old Brad Pitt, who is now enjoying his love life who announced his new love life openly, which is trending for few days about his relationship where the fans thought Jennifer Aniston could be the one.

But surprisingly, twinning appeared where Angelina resemblance Nicole came to light of brad’s life.


Who Is Nicole Poturalski????

Nicole is recruited at Disneyland Paris, who is successful in Germany and making it into the german harper’s Bazar and Grazia. Nicole Goralski posted about black lives matter, child trafficking, and gun control. Nicole also founded an organization that focused on protecting sharks where she wanted to become a marine biologist before modeling as her career.

What Is Going On??

From the past few days, Brad Pitt relationship status is single were hinting he is out of Angelina Jolie hangover where fans are expecting he mingled with Jennifer, which became a false rumor because the pair spotted getting off a plane and headed to the south of France of Pitt’s property where Angelina and Brad are currently sharing.

Nicole posted a picture captioning my “love” in her February post, which connected the dots as Brad. So, finally, is not single anymore who is dating a model whose photo is gonna release on the cover page of the magazine in September!!!


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