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Ariana Grande looking sensational in the recently uploaded selfie wearing a crop top and body hugging leggings!

Ariana Grande, a young celebrity who had been exposed to fame for various years now. Ariana was previously an actor on the small screen and is now a sensational singer who is globally recognized for her incredible skills and has been entertaining the world continuously with her albums and shows.

Beautiful Ariana Grande

Ariana has a huge fan base which is clearly reflected by the huge number of followers that she has over various social media platforms. The most followed social media platform is Instagram over which she updates her 199M followers to date.

All photos uploaded by Ariana are absolutely adored by her followers and she is widely appreciated for her style and the way she carries herself. Just recently on the 24th of August, two selfies were shared by the singer. Ariana was seen wearing gray leggings which were hugging her body and flexing her curves. Ariana was also seen wearing a mask that promoted safety measures during the times of pandemic while she might have stepped out in the public for no declared reasons. The black mask was covered in glitters, giving out a very sparkly and fashionable look. To compliment her gray leggings, Ariana was seen wearing a black crop top which looked stunning on the 27-year-old.

Image courtesy – Google

Ariana Grande always catches the attention of not only her huge fan base but also other celebrities who are seen commenting on her photos very often. Ariana steals the hearts with her adorable poses as her spectacular hair which are often seen tied up just like the way it was done in the recently uploaded photo. The photo has been uploaded a couple of times on her several fan pages and the audience keeps eagerly waiting for new photos or updates on the singer, each time wanting more!