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Why Kathleen Edwards Went From Music to Opening a Coffee Shop, Get Here the Latest Updates –

Kathleen Edwards was born on 11th July 1978 in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. She is a well-known Canadian singer-songwriter, and musician. Some of the famous albums of Edwards are Failer, Back To Me, Asking For Flowers, Voyageur, and many others. The best-written song of Kathleen “A Soft Place To Land” had won the SOCAN song-writing prize in 2012. Kathleen’s father is Leonard Edwards who was the former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. Edwards had married Colin Cripps in 2005 and they divorced in 2011. Then she dated Justin Vernon and separated in 2012.

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Why Kathleen Edwards Went From Music To Opening A Coffee Shop?

Well, Kathleen stepped back from music in 2014 considering it as a break. She had launched a coffee house named ‘Quitters’ in Stittsville. Edwards opened the coffee shop with Rick Tremblay who was her manager when she worked in Starbucks. The idea to open the coffee shop was to cope up with her depression after her break up with Vernon.

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Well, still in 2018 she continued to perform a number of new songs. But in August 2019, the suicide of singer-songwriter Neal Casal made her talk about her depression. She tweeted that she had faced a great struggle with her depression and that was the reason that led her away from music. Kathleen got the opportunity to make a fresh start again with co-writing the song ‘Good woman’ Marren Morris’s 2019 album “Girl”.

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This coffee shop journey served her as a therapy to come out from depression and make a fresh start in music career again. The result of this coffee shop opening led her to release “Total Freedom” which is Edwards’s first album in eight years after 2012.

While working at Quitters she had crew members of retirees. She felt so relax while working there and was a great experience for her. A working member at the coffee shop shared her thoughts in a letter towards Edwards.