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Brandy’s daughter shared a photo of her with her photo in which they both are looking gorgeous: it’s Brandy’s birthday

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Brandy Smith’s daughter shared a photo of her on social media. Brandy gave her a name called Sy’rai. She is so beautiful like her mother. Brandy is an American singer and songwriter. She is a great businesswoman and married to Robert Smith in 2002. Brandy and Robert Smith has a daughter Sy’rai who completely looks like her mother. Sy’rai is 18 now and she shared a post on Instagram with her mother looking adorable.

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Sy’rai has an Instagram account where she continuously posted photos and videos of her and her fans really like her posts. Recently she posted 5 photos together with her mother and father. Actually, it’s Brandy’s birthday and she wished her mother for her special day. In these photos, both mother and daughter are looking amazing and brandy’s new hair bun also looks pretty. She wore a dull color hairband and tie it on her bun. She looks attractive in this also her daughter is looking amazing. Sy’rai is looking happy in these photos. In the first photo, she laughed and in the second she made a pout. Her mother hugged her from behind in another photo. Here, we can see their love bond.

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Brandy loves her daughter so much because she always protects her. Sy’rai’s both parents take care of her and they never present her in the spotlight that can affect her life. Now she is 18 and she can make her decision on her own. In these photos, she tagged her and rayj. She wrote a caption where she wished her “happy birthday mama. I love you”.

After posting her photos many people liked her photos and commented that how she looks like her mother. Someone said ” looking like a chocolate mermaid”. Let me tell you that her father and mother is a singer so she is also choosing her profession in singing. Soon Robert Smith will give her an opportunity.
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