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A teenage boy suffered from skin syndrome: his skin turning to stone, doctors said. using a wheelchair, never heard this type of disease

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A teenage boy, Jaiden Rogers is ‘turning to stone’ and doctors told him he is becoming entombed. Jaiden Rogers is a 15-year-old and his skin is becoming hard like a stone. He thought he is the only one who suffered from this stiff skin syndrome. This skin syndrome is basically at high risk of organ failure, his heart, and lungs and now he is using a wheelchair where his legs won’t move.

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This is really harsh for the parents whose child is suffering from this type of disease which has not any cure. His father was a retired government worker and they don’t have money for his treatment. His father started raising money so that he can fly him to Italy for further treatment. His mother cried a lot and said If we don’t get him to Italy, he won’t live. Once he has treatment to stop the progression of the disease, he’ll be able to have therapy to help loosen the skin”. She took him to check the doctors but “The doctors think he’s the only one in the world with the condition and there’s only been 41 documented cases in the world”. The doctors are also surprised to see him like this.

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Her mother added in her statement “It started when we found a hard spot on his thigh. No one really thought anything of it but we took him to the doctors and after some tests, the doctor called me and told me to sit down. That isn’t what you want to hear from a doctor. I’d never heard of the condition before and most doctors haven’t heard of it so I didn’t think much of it until they continued telling me what it would do”. The doctors are searching for his cure but couldn’t find one.

She also talks about his legs “Within three months it had really started spreading down his leg and he needed a wheelchair. It was horrible and he was in severe pain”. She said he cried all the time but didn’t say anything about it. It was hurting him a lot. He was so active in football. He loves to play soccer.
She is in so pain and said “He’ll always be in a wheelchair and we can’t change that but we need to get him to Italy so we can at least prolong his life. Basically, if we don’t get him there, he won’t live.”