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What is A Rainbow Baby? These Children Have A Special Place In Parents’ Heart, Click Here to Know More-

Babies play a very special role in everyone’s life. They develop better bonding among their parents and it’s a blessing to have a baby in life. The first baby is very special to every parent as they give them new feelings and emotions.

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What is A Rainbow Baby?

The firstborn babies are very special but sometimes life is unfair and things like miscarriage, infant loss, stillbirth, or neonatal death happen. But life gives second chances also and a Rainbow Baby is one of them. The babies born after losing a baby due to mishappenings are ‘A Rainbow Baby’. Such babies are like the beautiful rainbow appearing in the sky after a storm or after a dark time that fills the life with hopes. Babies are so much closed to their mother as they carry them in their womb for 9 months and their loss makes them fill with grief. Then giving birth to a healthy baby after a loss is just a blessing for any mother and father.

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Why Rainbow Baby has a special place in Parents’ heart?

Well, being the parent of a Rainbow Child is not easy because these parents have faced the previous baby loss. A lot of emotions come within the parents’ minds who are expecting a rainbow baby. But it also brings the feeling of much more compassion and hopes also. Obviously Rainbow Baby has a special place in parents’ hearts because they come after a loss in their life and again fill the life of parents with new hopes.

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Rainbow Babies are gifted from God to be celebrated. The arrival of such babies needs a celebration as they fill parents’ and families with rejoicing and compassion. It is a very sensitive time for the mothers who are expecting a rainbow baby and they need the full support of family and husbands.