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Demi Moore celebrated her daughter’s birthday by sharing a throwback photo of her: keep reading to know how she wished her

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32 years old Rumer Willis had her birthday on Sunday. She is quite cool and an amazing woman. She is an American actress and singer. She has lots of fans. Everyone is overwhelmed by her songs and with her movies. Let me tell you that she is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. They are also celebrities.

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Rumer Willis is the eldest daughter of Demi Moore. Demi Moore has three children named, Rumer Willis, Tallulah Willis, and scout Willis. Demi Moore celebrated her child’s birthday, Willis also shared her daughter’s childhood photos. She shared that photo on Instagram and wished Rumer Willis. In this photo, Demi Moore wore some kind of bikini dress where she looks gorgeous, and in this rumer is a child who grabs her mom tightly. It is too old and blurry. Demi wished her by writing a long caption for her child, rumer. She wrote “words can not do justice to the love, gratitude, and joy I have for you. You are a magnificent woman but you will always be my baby… You changed my life and gave it meaning beyond anything I had ever known. Happy birthday, Rumer Glenn! I love you forever and a day”. Heart-melting words from her.

Demi also shared a photo of her childhood. In this photo maybe she was just 2 years old. She got so much love from her fans for her daughter after sharing this photo. She got 128,401 likes by the fans. They all really appreciate their bond.
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After this Rumer got wishes from her siblings. Scout Willis shared a photo of her and wrote “Idaho Birthday radiance”. She added some more words for her “I’m so lucky, Rumer is my best friend, so lucky that she is my big sister, so lucky that she has always looked out for me and taught me how to walk through the world, Her being my big sister means that I’ve never had a minute of my life without her, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I just LOVE you so much @rumerwillis, so now I am gonna log off and tell you all of that in person.”

Tallulah Willis also wished her and gives a blessing to her. Stay with this page, we will let you know more about these things.