HomeEntertainmentWendy Williams birthday post for her son - Kevin Hunter Jr. has made people question her. Here's everything regarding the matter in detail.

Wendy Williams birthday post for her son – Kevin Hunter Jr. has made people question her. Here’s everything regarding the matter in detail.

Wendy Williams’s weird birthday post.

Wendy Williams wished her son a very happy birthday in a unique way. Doesn’t matter at what age you are, your mother will never stop celebrating your birthday under any worst circumstances. The same goes for Wendy Williams, who is a mother to a twenty-year-old son. Let’s check out what she gifted her son on this birthday of Kevin Hunter Jr. 

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Taking to her Instagram profile she uploaded the gift that she had planned for Kevin – her son. Wendy Williams is currently of fifty-six years old. She is the chief host of a talk television show. Tuesday she shared the things that she had kept for years of her son since his childhood years. 

In the birthday post for her son, she wrote about the bond they both share till today. She misses her son, who is currently in Miami, whereas she is stuck in New York City. Further, she added that the distance between them wouldn’t stop loving each other. 

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The interesting part lies where she mentioned looking deeper into the photo uploaded by her. The photo showed the hair of Kevin that she had with her after his haircut for the first time and even his teeth. Moreover, she wrote that ” I’m not a cake person but still got to do it for my beloved son’s birthday, hey what’s up?” 

Soon after sharing all these about Kevin, her Instagram followers started putting up their reactions through the comment box. One among them asked about the hair that she has been holding since Kevin’s childhood. 

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While another follower raised the question regarding the cerclage. The question involved why is she holding such stuff that holds the cervix closed. Yet there is no sign from Kevin as he has not said a thing about it. Kevin Hunter is the father of the junior Kevin. 


During the year 2000 in the month of August, Wendy gave birth to Kevin Hunter Jr. He is currently studying under a bachelor’s course. It was only because of her son’s help that stood strong while getting the apart from her ex-husband Kevin Hunter. This is all that we have gathered so far regarding Wendy and Kevin Jr.’s relationship.