HomeEntertainmentRead up on how Kelly Osbourne said to her brother Jack, "Stop eating booty" for being aware of his "Bad smelling breath"

Read up on how Kelly Osbourne said to her brother Jack, “Stop eating booty” for being aware of his “Bad smelling breath”

Kelly Osbourne is a British entertainer, vocalist, model, style planner, and Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s daughter. Fans may likewise understand her for the appearances on The Osbournes together alongside her family. She was additionally observed on Dancing with the Stars, wherein she and her expert move accomplice Louis van Amstel won the third spot. We also see her as a judge on both Australia’s Got Talent and Project Runway Junior.

Kelly got her fans laughing in the wake of a hilarious argument with her sibling Jack Osbourne on Instagram.

A mugshot of Kelly Osbourne (P.C: Metro)

She had posted a photo of her carrying her dog Polly on a backpack whilst going to work. She admitted that she constantly finds a manner to bring Polly to work despite the disapproval of her brother Jack Osbourne.

Along with many fans who said how lovely they look, Jack commented on the post as well. He pointed out something different wherein he stated that Polly’s breath smells. Kelly gave an incredible  solution that no one could have thought of.

She told her brother that his breath smells too, and that both Polly and him must stop consuming booty so that their breath won’t smell anymore. Her fans reacted by saying they love how Kelly and Jack get along with and make fun of each other.

Kelly’s Instagram post (P.C: Metalhead Zone)

Here is a summary about the comments on Kelly’s latest Instagram post:

It was on how she always found a way to bring Polly to work much to Jack’s disapproval, followed by a series of “lol.” To this, he replied: “Her breath smells.”

Kelly reacted by saying: “So does yours!!!” She also gave advice saying, “Stop eating booty and your breath won’t smell.”