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Exide Life Insurance brings you an ultimate secure and safe coverage security package for your prospective years!

Exide Life Insurance is one of the most renowned private life insurance firms that ventured its undertakings way back in 2001. Currently, the headquarters for the company are tracked down in Bangalore. 

Interestingly, this life insurance company clutches upon about 15 Lakh clients and as a result of this clenches on the aids having a total value of 15,795 Crores.  

What do we know about Exide’s initial journey in the insurance market? 

The story about the initiation of the corporation commenced in 2000 with the arrival of a Dutch-based company named ING insurance in India. 

Exide Life Insurance

Mostly, the absolute objective of this organization was to set up an insurance market in India, where it teamed with Vysya Bank and established a distinct essence of their own. 

Exide life insurance

Furthermore, with the establishment of the first insurance company in India, a joint venture also came into existence. One of the collaborative partners from these ventures was Exide Industries. 

Exide had a hold over 50 per cent stakes in the joint venture at that time. Sadly, ING had to exit this joint venture in later years, and that’s where the real journey for Exile began. 

After ING departed from India, Exile, who was a 50 per cent stakeholder in the shares formerly, now had 100 per cent of shares in them. Thus, with the authority’s approval, the name of this joint venture was changed into Exile Life Insurance. 

Exide Life Insurance

What are Exide’s current dealings? 

Presently, Exile Life Insurance Company Limited deals in the distribution of a variety of products for its clients. These products are distributed with the help of numerous channels, namely Corporate Agency, Agency, and Bank assurance.

The agency channel which is involved in its handling of Exide comprises about 44,000 advisors. These advisors are functional for the clients in around 200 departments across the whole country.

The main objective behind its operation is its dealings in life insurance products which is essentially a need for all of us at this moment. Besides, Exide Life Insurance also gives some recourse. 

Under these alternatives, we can maintain an excess for the prospective purposes that might arise in the future. In turn, this guarantees long-phrase safety for ourselves. 

Exide Life Insurance

Appealingly, Exide Life Insurance ensures an acceptable position in the chronicle. Here it stands in the top ten most believed insurance companies working in India. This data is practically established on the summary delivered by Brand Equity Survey and Economic Times.

What is discerned about the company’s products and plans? 

In accordance with the policies, Exile pursues a ‘customer-centric strategy’ which is entirely inclined towards the advantage of its client. These plans are substantially formed for catering to the economic necessities. It follows those difficulties that an individual faces at different phases of his/her life. 

Interestingly, the list of these strategies encompasses assistance in protection, saving and investment, Retirement, and Group Insurance treatment. These insurances are a total package of what type of insurance we need.

To lay down a secure financial foundation for our family members, an insight into a reliable and considerable foundation is mostly preferred. This majorly benefits out family members in times of our absence or departure from the family. 

Exide Life Insurance

Talking about the protection solutions, the first step in selecting an ideal plan for yourself is to know your Human Life value which in fling deduces the type of life cover that we need. Further, the following and the ultimate step that pursues this is learning about benefits, insurance offers, and coverage offered.

Subsequently, the other plans assist in giving rise towards assistance, so that an individual can work towards fulfilling his/her life goals. Additionally, it also contributes to providing a happy retirement life for the attainment of the desired doctrines of living. 

How can we reach out to Exide in times of some customer’s service needs?

Accordingly, Exile Life Insurance has provided a total of three ways in which we can reach out for help. The list of these procedures includes Twitter Self Service, SMS Service, and Policy Alert.

Exide life insurance plans

The first and foremost of all is Twitter Self Service. It is formulated so that maximum of the audience can get themselves connected and reach out to the company. The official Twitter account for the company goes by the handle titled @ExideLifeCares

Now, the second method is utilizing the Policy Alert service, where we can text message or send in email alerts to Exile’s policy. Currently, the Policy Alert provides aid in Issuance of our Policy, and the delivery service for our policy documents.

Last of all is the SMS Service, which deals in clearing our doubts and further sending in policy notifications via SMS. Moreover, the person has to text word on the number 09880888228. Subsequently, you will get entitled from time to time changes in the policy of Exide.

Exide life insurance company limited:

Exide life insurance company limited also known as ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Limited and the other things are that it is totally owned 100%  owned by Exide Industries Limited. This country was founded in 2000 but it took 1 year to startup so they finally started 2001.

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