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Bayonetta 3 is coming out soon! Get to know all the details


Bayonetta is a video game that was developed by PlatinumGames back in 2009 when it first came out. It revolves around a witch named Bayonetta who fights with various enemies to save the world. 

The release of Bayonetta 3 was confirmed three years back in 2017 by Nintendo and gamers have been desperate to get their hands on it ever since. Although after that, not much was announced regarding the game.

Bayonetta 3 is coming out soon! Get to know all the details
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The game is headed by Hideki Kamiya who has also given us the famous series Devil May Cry and the game has a similar theme to it. It had a world of Lumen Sages, the angels who used to be an enemy of the Umbra Witches. Part 2 of Bayonetta was released more than 5 years back in 2014, which is a long span to wait for another sequel. 

Last year in 2019 it was said that the release date for the game will soon be announced. But, nothing regarding the same was announced in that year. 

A ray of hope came back up when in February of 2020, the director of the game Hideki Kamiya reported that the game was in progress. However we do not know when to expect the release. 


When it comes to the story, the trailer of the game which was released hints us about the upcoming events. We see some new weapons which were used that had excited the fans. Looking at the storyline of the previous two games, Bayonetta 1 & 2, we think it is going to follow a very similar pattern. It is going to be a face paced action game with introduction of new features like new vehicles, attacks and animal transformations. We think it would be a great idea if the makers included gameplay in the perspective of Jeanne, Loki, or Rosa. Well, we are certainly looking forward to the next part and can not wait to find out more about it!