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The Fast Saga : “Han’s Honor Will be Restored” as the Furious Series Continues the Chase With its 9th Movie! Click HERE to Know More About the Release

The fast saga
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Tighten your seatbelts at the Fast and Furious return with another journey. “F9 The Fast Saga” will possibly hit the theatre next year in April. However, the first choice for the date of release by the makers was this year. But due to the world hit by a pandemic, they had to postpone it. Although the final release date can only be confirmed after the situation stabilizes, the reports for 2021 come from official sources. What’s making the viewers more impatient is that this movie is the 2nd last movie of the franchise. The 10th production (which is already in talks) will mark the end of the car chase.

Production house for the Fast Saga, Universal Studios, is bearing the loss of millions of Marketing Revenue. Fans were requesting earlier release on other channels, but given that the movie makes billions worldwide, the decision was unwise. The franchise generates about 75% of the profit overseas. However, due to the lockdown and curfew in countries, it had to postpone it. The 10th part will be postponed too. But on the bright side, we get all the inside updates from the cast!

The fast saga
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Expected turns in The Fast Saga

The story of F9 will revolve around the life of Dominic Toretto, the role Vin Diesel plays. A blood chase will start as Jakob Toretto, who is Dominic’s brother will enter the story. John Cena will be seen playing the role. However, Jakob is not only a high-performance driver, but he is a trained assassin. He has joined hands with Cipher who is Dominic’s sworn enemy. Fast and Furious will also see a brief role of Han. He is the one character that is understood to be forgotten but justice will be done his role too! The movie will pay tribute to Paul Walker.

Reviews and Trailer

The Fast and Furious franchise is a high grossing film series of all times. The saga has received critical acclaim for all its movie. It even beats Star Wars as the highest-selling opener release. The rating of the movie franchise on IMDb is 7/10 on an average. You can watch the latest updates and the Trailer of the upcoming Fast Saga on YouTube.

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