HomeEntertainmentA TikTok video of a stylist speaking about the bad behaviour of Jennifer Lopez and Katherine Heigl went viral!

A TikTok video of a stylist speaking about the bad behaviour of Jennifer Lopez and Katherine Heigl went viral!


Celebrities often come out as poise and kind but it is with the people that they really work when the tea spills. By a stylist named Tamaran, the truth about celebrities and their disrespectful attitude towards the stylist and the people that they work with came out.

On a video sharing platform called TikTok which is used by the people worldwide for the main purpose of entertainment, Stylist shared the names of the people that showed unkind behaviour. The name included Jennifer Lopez who is considered to be a very well known celebrity.

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Tamaran said that she has known and has been working with Jennifer for years. She said that Jennifer can not keep the same people to work for her for much longer and her behaviour is responsible for that. The stylist also shocked the viewers of the video by saying that Jennifer would not even allow people to look at her.

Jessica Alba was also outed by the stylist. Jessica Alba is the founder of a well established organization. In a sarcastic way, the stylist compared Jessica to the year 2020 as it has been a series of unfortunate events. Tamaran also accused Jessica of playing mind games with the people she works with.

Another celebrity whose real face came out in front of viewers was Katherine Heigl who is famous for being a part of a show called Grey’s Anatomy. Stylist claimed the actress to always be in a bad mood and angry.

The stylist has been working with a couple of celebrities for many years. She has been in this business from 2008 and worked up till 2017. Out of the various celebrities that she outed for having bad behaviour, she also took the responsibility to appreciate a couple of celebrities for their good behaviour.

Tamaran appreciated George Clooney, Carrie Underwood as well as Ariel Winter. She also said that Selena Gomez acknowledges and respects people’s time and has a very professional behaviour.