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Truth about the matter of Katie Holmes planning to raise Jamie Foxx’s Baby by herself!! Scroll and read now!

Why does Katie want to raise her baby alone? What happened between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s? Last year there was new about Katie Holmes being pregnant and was expecting to raise the child alone. However the truth might be different as she is yet to give birth to her second child.

When the news of Katie Holmes expecting a baby was revealed, the source also said that she wanted to raise the baby alone. She likely didn’t have any expectation from Foxx about the child.

She is a strong woman who brought up her first child after her parting with Tom Cruise eight years ago. Holmes is not scared of bringing the child up alone. She also said that allow Foxx to date the woman he wishes and wouldn’t compel him to commit to her.

Katie Holmes is BROKE & going through a FINANCIAL CRISIS after Breaking up with Jamie Foxx & Tom Cruise

The source also said about the coupe is getting ready to welcome their second child. Together they have decided the name of the baby, decorated a nursery and certain they are of having a baby girl. It means the actress wanted to the baby to be healthy and was relaxing herself.

Nine months have passed away since then but Holmes is still yet to give birth to her baby. They also stated that she was 3 months pregnant. This proves of how ridiculous the article was. Additionally, it was reported that the news is totally false and Holmes was not pregnant with Foxx’s child.

The reports have made her devastated and make her even more sad and stressful. After her breakup with Foxx she lost a lot of weight. It was reported that she wanted to get back on her carrier of modelling. Their no truth to the matter of her planning to raise a child alone it was just false news.