HomeEntertainmentJaden Smith Opens up with his sexuality!! Reveals that he is dating Tyler!!! Read more!!!

Jaden Smith Opens up with his sexuality!! Reveals that he is dating Tyler!!! Read more!!!

Jaden is circulated with rumours about his sexuality. But the son of Will Smith reveals everything about his sexuality. Jaden is the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith.

However Jaden reveals that he loves 29 years old rapper, Tyler. The couple was shocked to while listening to the news about his sexuality. Tyler was awarded by a Grammy award in January this year. And on that event, Jaden reveals everything about his love and relationship.

Jaden Smith, Tyler

In one of his concert too, he openly accepted his love for Tyler and their relationship too. Most of the youth especially women admire this sensation. Thus when this news updated no one takes it seriously and rumours were updating. But later, Jaden reveals everything and confirms the news about him.

After winning Grammy awards, Jaden congratulated Tyler and the series of tweets updated with the word boyfriend. Then it declared that these two guys are dating each other. This left his fans happy that he comes out and confirm that he is gay.

When Jaden family heard about the relationship between Jaden and Tyler. At first, they were in a great shock but later they accepted to his love. And are happy about that Jaden finally find his love in which supports both of them at any cost.

Past Relationships of Jaden Smith

Before the relationship with Tyler, Jaden has been in a relationship with many Hollywood actress. The list includes the name of Kylie Jenner, Sarah Snyder and many other. Jaden dated some other actress.

Jaden Smith, Tyler

He dated Madis Pettis from 2010 to 2011. After breaking up with her, he dated Frank Phillips Stella from 2011 to 2012. Though, he did not open his sexuality for years but when rumours got out of control. Tyler also confessed his love for Jaden.