HomeEntertainmentCouple is brutally killed by their 16- years old daughter and her boyfriend!! Read here!!

Couple is brutally killed by their 16- years old daughter and her boyfriend!! Read here!!

A 16-year-old girl killed her parents with the help of her boyfriend. When asked by police about the murder both twisted the topic to save themselves from prison. The girl brutally killed her parents Henry and Chara Bryant.

She killed them when they meet up with her boyfriend in their house in Mount Vernon, Kentucky. Both victims were shotted by some unknowns on their last night 8 June 2017. Their daughter called the cops in the morning. She called that there is something disturbed in their house. Her parents were in a dead state in the bathroom. She said that the door of her parents’ bedroom was broken.

After their call, victims’ daughter Reynold and her siblings were taken to the police station. Then investigators started their investigation. After the investigation, the detective opens up the case, he said that the crime scene was so horrible as there was blood everywhere in the room. There was a handprint that indicates that the victim had a fight.

Daughter, Couple, Reynold

But he saw something odd from everything. According to the Reynold, that the door was broken and someone opens it forcefully but investigators observed that the glass was broken from inside out. And also no other daughters heard a gunshot or a fight at the crime time.

Daughter killed them with her boyfriend

The investigators gather some more information about the crime. They said that Reynold parents were unhappy with her relationship with a 22-year-old guy, Christopher Evans but she denies. Reynolds parents insist her to split up with him but she denies.Daughter, Couple, Reynold

When investigators ask about the relationship to Evans he also denies the facts. But they got to know that he was lying when Reynold siblings deny his claims. Police also found a gun from Evans house and he said he did not use it. But his neighbours claim that he was shooting the pistol.

After these incidents, police check the phone of Evans. When police check his phone he admitted that he killed his girlfriend’s parents. He said that Reynold told him to do this to protect her.