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Zelda Breath of the Wild new updated version is coming soon: keep reading to know more about the trailer, release date,story

Nintendo, makers of Zelda breath of the wild, start filming its sequel of the video game. Well, Japan has more technological advances and Japan always launches its new technology. Now the best video game ever is going to release soon, ‘Zelda breath of the wild’. Fans are very excited to play this game. Nintendo is much happier than the fans for the release of the most popular video game. But he is literally delaying its release dates.
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Do you know why it is delaying?

We all know that how coronavirus dangers our lives. This pandemic ruined everything and now the release date of Zelda breath of the wild has also delayed. Nintendo wanted to release its sequel in this year 2020 but he won’t be able to release it. Officially the episode 3 of the first season has been already canceled by the makers. The trailer of this game had already been released. But now maybe the sequel will release between October 2022 to March 2023. There is a huge gap between these years. We have to wait so long to play this game.
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What is the new feature and what will be the new story?

In this squeal, Zelda will lead the story and the whole game revolves around her. Zelda knows more about the games and the techniques to play. A new thing for the fans is, that they can play this video game with their partners. This game can be played with the partners as well. In the sequel, Zelda has a partner link. He will also play this game with Zelda. The Hyrule kingdom will be destroyed very soon that’s why Zelda wants to protect Hyrule by the dark. Link will help her. Nintendo didn’t reveal so much about this. So there is no more information about the sequel.
Describing trailer
The trailer of this sequel is amazing when you watch this. In the trailer, we have shown that Zelda and link enter at someplace with the torchlight. In the trailer, they are riding on a large elephant. There is a cursed statue that looks dangerous, wakes up suddenly and their eyes are lightened which looks terrific. This video will absolutely break the records of the other games.
We have to wait for this new adventurous season of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Till then keep yourself update with our page, we will let you more about it.