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Kendall Jenner gets spotted again with her elegant pair of Prada “It-girl” Combat boots!! Get all the details inside!!

Truly, Kendall Jenner has stunned people with her dressing evolution and instantly proven herself as to why she has the right to be recognized as a supermodel. 

Her major style points are always a treat to the fan’s eyes. In fact, she holds on the ability to make a conventional style look fresh again. Especially, the Jenner’s trendy waves in runaways are excellent eye candy. 

In short, the gentlewoman is all about her seasonless trend. Here’s everything you should know about her recent outfit: 

Kendall Jenner

What are the details esteeming Kendall Jenner’s recent trendy outfit? 

Kendall Jenner was spotted at a small but renowned place, Nobu, in California on Wednesday night. She distinguished herself with a pair of Prada boots. 

In fact, these knee-high boots with a lace-up leather style were completely styled to be worn in the wintertime. But the model has flawlessly styled up these non-seasonal Prada boots with summery clothing.

Interestingly, these boots have been the go-to footwear for our popular supermodel. Kendall paired up these boots with a gorgeous cream and tan dress. 

In fact, the model has also paired up these Prada boots in one of her dinners at Nobu only. Therein she wore these boots with a glamorous black mini dress. Further, she layered up this mini frock with a matching coat.  

Kendall Jenner

Where and how can we find these Prada boots? 

Unluckily, these famous Prada Boots are not available for purchase presently. The explanation behind its unavailability is the elevated market for these boots. 

Originally, the Boots have accentuated the price of $1450, carrying a unique 55 mm rubber stride sole. Further, these Prada Boots retain a separable nylon cavity which the model didn’t wear at the duration of her meal at Nobu. 

Prada "It-Girl" Combat boots

Interestingly, these Boots made a debut for itself in the Prada fall ’19. It was shown up in the Milan Fashion Week and since then these boots have evolved as an “It-girl” view for girls. Milan’s highlight provided great demand for these boots. 

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