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Web WhatsApp has updated a new feature of Room. Here is all you need to know about Room.

At this time of the pandemic, there are different mediums coming up for small and big conferences. The Internet is our support system for many sectors of work. As it is a growing platform how the biggest social networking industry can stay behind? Facebook is now stepping into the world of video conferencing.

Live chat and video calls from Facebook already made our lives easy and made us close to those who matter in our lives, WhatsApp has updated its feature from group video calls of four to eight. Where Facebook integrated the feature of adding rooms to increase the number of participants.

All About room

Facebook is trying out Messenger Room support on WhatsApp. It is a way to integrate WhatsApp to Facebook. Till now the application of using Room is only limited to Web WhatsApp and for time being Rooms are not available for mobile application of WhatsApp. Rooms might be available on mobile applications though there is no official confirmation we hope it happens soon.

How to create a Room

For creating you need to update the web WhatsApp to the latest version 2.2031.4. Web WhatsApp gave two ways to create room. The first is with three dots. Click on the top left corner, there are three dots. Click on that button and select ‘Create a Room.’ Now you can enjoy your video chat, and you can make all you work on the most used platform.

Another way is through when you have a group where all the people you want in the room are available. Go into the room and click on three dots. Select create a room.

Making meetings on WhatsApp is the simplest way as one doesn’t require any extra applications downloaded on laptops and video call become the smoothest way of work.

Some Extra Information

While creating a room, there will be a question asked about ‘Continuing with Messenger.’ As WhatsApp owned by Facebook it is directly related to Facebook. Though Facebook gives its users full freedom of security and users can keep their room limited to people they were in the room with.

As a host, you can let 50 participants at a time. There will be a feature where only the host can make an entrance for people and can lock the room. Joining the room via a link is also possible and room meetings can be scheduled. There are in-app filters and other features also available.