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Halo infinite:- Release date, plot, trailer and all updates!! Take a look at the new chief!

Halo Infinite is the first-person shooter video game, which is created by Skybox Labs and 343 industries. And this game series is published by Xbox Game Studio. This series is also available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The protagonist of Halo infinite will be Master Chief.

Halo infinite, Master Chief

This game series is popular in the world and that’s why it is the most played game series in the world. Along with Video games, this series also published in the form of movies, comic and novels.

Release date:- Halo infinite

This popular game series will be going to launch this year means 2020 on Xbox Series X. Not to worry at all, here is the good news for you all that this game will not postpones its launch due to the coronavirus pandemic. Means that the launch will not get affected by coronavirus pandemic.

This means this game series might be released in October or December this year. Fans are eagerly waiting for it as we did not get any gameplay or preview of the series till now. So, to play this amazing and incredible Game, we have to wait till December 2020. Fans expect a lot from this series. Hopefully, it will not postpones.

Plot and trailer of Halo infinite

The game series is all about an incredible war between some horrible monsters and humanity for their survival. This game Revolve around Master Chief Saga, who will fight against Cortana with his powerful intelligent partner.

Halo infinite, Master Chief

The launching of the new Halo infinite game series was declared in the occasion E3 2018. But still, it has been delayed and fans are eagerly waiting for the game. Hence, this new game series will launch on Xbox X. Along with Master Chief, Pilot Echo- 216, Cortana and Captain Jacob Keyes will joins the casts list.