Recommendation for wearing masks at home!! Why it is important to wear a mask in COVID-19??

The coronavirus pandemic is increasing day by day. Government recommending to wear masks in a crowded place. COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations rising. These rising numbers cause huge concern among health officials. Because of these rising number of cases, the government ask the public to protect themselves and wearing masks in public areas and in homes too.

the government tells to keep vigilant to protect themselves and others. That is wearing masks and face coverings in public places, maintaining social distancing, not touching your mouth and nose with your unwashed hands. Also washing your hands and also if you have mild symptoms of COVID-19 then stay at home and wear a mask.

Apart from these, you also have to be aware of the fact that how COVID-19 is affecting your community and area. And you have to know why it is so important to wear a mask.

Covid-19, covid-19, coronavirus

Mask can reduce the coronavirus spread if it is used by each and every person in a crowded place. It will be more effective if it is used along with social distancing and frequent hand washing.

How to wear your mask??

Remember one thing that you did not wearing a mask to protect you from others only. But also for protecting others from you. First of all, to wear your mask, wash your hands perfectly before wearing it. And then put it on your face and cover your mouth and nose with it.

Covid-19, covid-19, coronavirus, mask

Also, make sure that you should breathe properly while wearing a mask. Along with it, do not forget to follow your everyday routine, such as staying fit 6 feet away from everyone. Avoid coming in contact with sick people. Wash your hands with sanitizer. Don’t touch your mask and also the things you usually do, yes, don’t put a mask on your forehead or neck. Hope you will follow it.