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Legally Blonde 3: The Funny Blond is coming back to remind you of your childhood. Get excited?

You can’t deny it if you have watched Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2 in your childhood, you are surely a fan of Reese Witherspoon. She won all of our hearts as Elle Woods. The movie was a huge hit because it made over $141 million all over the world. The second part of the movie was a hit as well. Legally Blonde is still remembered as one of the funniest comedies in the early 2000s. Every fan was rooting for a prequel and guess what? your wish is going to come true soon. Legally Blonde is coming back with its prequel.

When is Legally Blonde releasing? Will Reese Witherspoon be a part of it? Has the trailer come yet?

Excited to experience the hilarious comedy and want to know more? Read ahead.

As you know that due to the pandemic, everything has been delayed and so is, Legally Blonde 3. Sadly, there is not any official date yet. We surely know that according to IMDB the production of the movie was to start in May this year which also got delayed. But here’s good news for you all, Reese Witherspoon posted a picture of herself in the iconic sequinned bikini in June 2018. which confirms the fact that our favorite will surely be part of the Legally Blonde 3.

Source- glamour.com

Also, Mindy Kailing is the scriptwriter for Legally Blonde 3. So, the expectations just went up more. The original producers of Legally Blonde that are Marc Platt and Adam Siegel will work on the film with Reese Witherspoon. But there’s no news about the director of the movie yet.

We don’t know about the release date but it’s so good to know that we will be experiencing that Elle madness once again.