Want to get a Life Insurance? Get to know everything about Max Life Insurance. Read ahead to know more.

If you live in India, you have probably seen the advertisement for Max Life Insurance on your Television sets. Max Life Insurance is one of the most popular and loved private Insurance companies in India. …

If you live in India, you have probably seen the advertisement for Max Life Insurance on your Television sets. Max Life Insurance is one of the most popular and loved private Insurance companies in India. This company was established in 2000. It is joint venture between the two companies Max India Ltd and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance. The company started working in 2001. It presents us with various plans of life insurance and retirement plans. Life insurance is for people who wishes to save for the long term. And now, it has over 30 lakh, happy customers.

Max Life Insurance gives the customer protection and long term saving solutions, for those who are interested. The policies of the company are very minutely designed. To serve every customer according to their needs. The customers have the option to choose from any of the plans that are an absolute fir to them.  The plan offers thins like protection, child, saving, retirement. The company has a great impression on the market.


Why should you prefer Max Life Insurance?

  • Transparency- With a case arrangement ratio of 98.74% the company provides transparency to its customers. The customers are allowed to check every detail that is related to the policy. Everything is present online.
  • Empathy-  The company always keeps in mind the needs of the customers. All the policies are designed in such a way that it is beneficial for the customers.
  • Accountability- The customer service of the company is excellent because it is present 24*7 for any help. The company believes in gaining the trust of the customer that the reason it is always present to help its customers. It makes the process hassle-free for the customers.
  • Variety of Product Options- When you purchase a policy – it can be a term insurance endowment or ULIP and you need options. In insurance, one size does not suit all. Each customer is different in terms of income, assets, goals, and liabilities. Hence, their demands to differ.

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What are the benefits of choosing Max Life Insurance:

The company has many benefits designed  for customers like:

  • The company gives a wide range of options to choose from.
  • The customer can choose high coverage plans at a very affordable rate.
  • The process is very easy for customers.
  • The plans ensure that customers don’t face any type of problem in the future.
  • Customer who chooses Max Life Insurance has financial security for the future.
  •  Critical Illness Benefit is protecting against critical health ailments, like any disease. This will let you not worry about your family’s health so much.
  • Tax Deductions are also a major part because according to section 80C of Income Tax, 1961. The premium that is paid by the customer is valid for a tax deduction.
  • It will provide you with peace of mind because if something happens, you will always have insurance. It’s like a security from the bank.

Source- maxlifeinsurance.com

What are the types of Max Life Insurance plans?

These are all the Max Life Insurance plans:

  1. Term Insurance plan- A term insurance plan is one of the kinds of life insurance policy that gives a mortality benefit but no maturity benefit.
  2. ULIP plans- A ULIP is one of the types of life insurance policies in India that fulfill both aspects. Amongst different types of life insurance, it is the one that offers life cover along with investment opportunities
  3. Endowment Policy- This policy gives you a combination of both insurance and savings. This can help you to save money easily.
  4.  Moneyback Policy- If you want to save something for your loved ones so that they can use it in the future. These are the plans for you. As soon as the tenure ends,  the person will receive the money that you have saved for them.
  5. Whole Life Insurance- This insurance policy gives you coverage for your entire life up to 100 years of age, you will get insurance.

So, if you want to get a Life Insurance, Go for Max Life Insurance.