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Are We Hearing Again About Split Between Ellen De Generes And Portia de rossi?????

To all the lovely couples out there, a hearty welcome to our page where you are tensed or feeling sad about the rumor about the split between ELLEN AND PORTIA??? So, you selected the right article where you can clear your queries. Let’s check the article out now!!


One of the happiest couples are Ellen de genres and Portia de Rossi; where one sad news is spreading before their twelfth wedding anniversary that they’re going to separate their ways for a 500million dollar divorce:(((One of the breaking news in a recent interview where Portia stated that she can’t tolerate the temper of Ellen and she wants to apart from her. They are one of the most prominent lesbian couples in Hollywood. Digging deep into the article make sure about the gossip!!

Who Are Ellen de generes And Portia de Rossi:



Ellen is one of the prominent artists in Hollywood where she is an American comedian, tv host, actress, producer, and writer too. Her net worth is around 330$million.Some of her writings are seriously….I’m kidding, home, and many more.


Portia is an American-Australian model, philanthropist, and actress where some of her writings are unbearable lightness, a story of loss and gain, vegan cooking for carnivores.

Both of them dating from 2004, wherein 2008 ellen proposed Portia to be her wife and got married in 2008 as one of the lesbian couples in Hollywood where it became a trending then. Finally, they made it and married.


Statements By Portia And Ellen In Interviews:

In a recent interview given by Ellen, she said that she had a lot of things on her plate now where she has no time for gossips and all. In an interview given by Portia; she stated that she can’t tolerate the mood swings of her husband ellen where ellen also stated like she cannot pamper her wife Portia and tolerate her temper. Where these statements hinting about their divorce.

OK MAGAZINE AUSTRALIA published that the couple bought a mansion in California for $43million where Portia only moved which results in the divorce between them. Where the differences are showing clearly. In another magazine it is published like ellen is forcing Portia for acting where Portia wants to retire. All these topics highlight the separation between them.

Are They Really Aparting Finally?????


Based on all these gossips and rumors running in the air, we can throw them out where the couple is happily celebrating their twelfth wedding anniversary on August 16th.On their tenth anniversary also same rumor spread where Portia mentioned she feel happy for the news where people also expecting them like a normal couple. So, apart from rumors, the couple is going to celebrate their anniversary together:)))

Concluding my article by saying that rough patches are seen in every relationship where one has to adjust with others where a beautiful smile is already waiting for us!!! So, never let the relationship go out of your hand where relationships are like flowing water you can not hold back the passed water!!!!

enjoy lyf is my only moto and goal in lyf not ot rush and hurry bfor it,enjoy the moment, moments r precious in lyf