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Will there be another season of High Seas? Know everything about cast,plot and other details.

High Seas is a Spanish Mystery Series Released on Netflix. Written and directed by Jose Antonio Valverde & Carlos Sedes. The first season aired in May 2019 with about 8 episodes. Immediately after the first season, the show renewed for a second season and released in November 2019. Moreover, the production company also stated that the series also renewed for the third season. And a fourth season will be in development soon.

When will be the High Seas 3?

Ever since season 2 released on Netflix, fans have been waiting for High Seas season 3. Season 2 left off with passengers reaching Rio De Janeiro but there is still a lot of journeys to be done. So we can expect that there will be season 3. And the producers have already declared that there would be season 3. So fans are highly excited to know what happens next. But there is no official announcement yet about the release date of the new season.

High Seas season 3 Cast:

Regular cast from the previous seasons also expected to return for this season. They include Ivana Baquero by Eva Villanueva, Alejandra Onieva by Carolina Villanueva, The Captain of The Barbara by Jose Sacristan, Jon Kortajarena by Nicolas Vasquez. But fans would expect some new faces as well.

Expected plot for High Seas Season 3:

As seen from the last season Barbara de Brazanga grabbed into port in Rio De Janeiro. It is still not clear whether next season will pick up in Rio or not or there will be another part of the trek. By this, we could say that season we had a lot of abnormal story arcs. So that might continue in the next season also. As the ending of the previous season was a pretty open end, so the story could go in many directions. The trailer is also out for season 3 and from it, we could expect that the next season would be a hit.