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If you’re using Instagram or any other social media site, you would have come across women and girls posting their black and white selfies and pictures with a caption challenge accepted along with the #womenempowerment  and #womensupportingwomen.


Women are nominating each other for a cause, a cause to support women for women which is going viral over the internet. If you’ll click on the hashtag #womenempowerment and #womensupportingwomen, you’ll be amazed by the overwhelming response the hashtag is receiving from women across the world and overseas. Famous celebrities like Ashley Smouter, Cindy Crawford and Bollywood sensations such as Bhumi Pednekar and Dia Mirza have also accepted the challenge and posted their black and white photos in order to support women. Apart from Bollywood sensations and other celebrities, there’s not even a count of how many common people have participated in the challenge.

Participants often nominate one or several women to encourage them to take part in this challenge to continue the chain effect of the challenge and to empower the voice of women of all the countries against the injustice.


What is the challenge?

After encountering the reason behind the challenge, surely your heart must be shattered in pieces after knowing that even in the most advance era of all the times- 21st century when everyone has become so modern, women are still receiving such harsh treatment that it is tough to see and it is even tougher to feel what those women would have gone through and what these women would be feeling who are still under such brutal treatment.

The challenge is a protest again the condition of women in the Turkish region and specifically in Istanbul. It draws criticisms for overshadowing the Turkish femicide campaign.

The murder of women in the Turkish region has been increasing drastically and the government is not taking any appropriate stand or action against it. Women are being killed by their own husbands and their dead bodies are lying on the road, corner of a river. Turkish people are waking up to black and white dead body pictures of women published in newspapers and broadcasting on television screens.

The women across different nations are standing against it to pressurize the government to take necessary steps against the culprits to save the women community of Turkish and to prevail fair treatment for all. Women are standing for women and this campaign has received worldwide support. Every woman hopes this to end soon and all the women in the world live with respect, dignity, and integrity instead of subjecting them to injustice treatment and killing them brutally.