Code Geass Season 3: Here are Every Latest Updates, Release Date, Characters and Plot of the Anime –

Goro Taniguchi is the director of the anime series named Code Geass. This Japanese anime series is produced by Sunrise. It is written by Ichiro Okouchi. The Genre of the series is an alternate history, mecha, and military. The music is given by Kotaro Nakagawa and Hitomi Kuroishi.

Pics Credit – Gizmo Blaze

Release Date –

Well, there are no reports about the third season of the anime series. The first season of the series was premiered in 2006 and then the second season of the series was premiered. These are loved by the fans and has so much demand among the fans. Due to its popularity, the fans still want the third season to come. After 14 years the fans are still waiting but there are no reports about the third season. Fans really need to be patient as the third season is not going to be canceled. So, guys hope for the best and wait until we get any reports about the release date. If we get any information regarding its production we will definitely update you guys here. The Sunrise has started the production work so the coming of Code Geass Season 3 is confirmed. But there is no trailer revealing about its season 3. Season one and two consisted of 25 episodes each.

Characters –

The main characters and voices behind the anime are Lelouch Vi Britannia by Jun Fukuyama, Suzaku Kururugi by Takahiro Sakurai, C.C by Yukana, Kallen Kouzuki by Ami Koshimizu, and so many other. So, maybe if the third season will come then the same star cast and characters will reappear in it. And it is not possible to mention every character’s name here.

Plot –

Well, if season three comes then it will be going to be super exciting. The lead character Lelouch is a holy Britannia prince. In order to survive the brother and sister hide from the world. Then they live in a forbidden kingdom named as “Elevens”. So, if the third season will come it must be filled with a thriller.