HomeAnimeConfirmed!! The Japanese manga series "Attack on Titan" season 4 is not releasing this year. Click here and get to know everything about the series in details.

Confirmed!! The Japanese manga series “Attack on Titan” season 4 is not releasing this year. Click here and get to know everything about the series in details.

Attack on Titan season 4

Hajime Isayama’s one of the famous manga series called “Attack on Titan” is gearing up for the arrival of its fourth most season into the entertainment world. This series is based on a genre of the dark theme and full of actions. Kodansha is the original publisher of the manga series. 

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Attack on Titan has a total number of sixteen listed volumes within it. Originally the particular series premiered during the year 2009 in the month of September. The story is all about a different world where humans reside within a certified boundary where the Titans cannot come face to face with humans. Titans are the monsters that eat humans.

Eren Yeager is a character who plays the role of a protagonist who has developed a quest of shutting down the Titans after he bears the losses of his own city and dead mother. The anime version of this series has been produced under Wit Studio and Mappa respectively. 

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Till now the makers have not yet revealed or confirmed anything related to the arrival of the concerned season of the series. If sources are to be believed regarding the matter then we might get a chance to witness the arrival during the fall of the present of the year 2020. 

Back during the year 2019 in the month of April, the previous season was released and if the process remains the same then the season would have arrived during the summer. But unfortunately due to the outbreak of this deadly horrifying virus that has disturbed the entire world upside down the process got detained and that led to the postponement of the arrival despite its earlier planning.

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The protagonist character named Eren Yeager will also be seen in the sequel with many other fictional characters also. Characters like Yuki Kaji will also be seen playing a role in the sequence.


A short brief teaser regarding the fourth season is hovering over the YouTube network. One of the readers of manga has been complaining about the spoiler that the trailer has shown within it. But if one is an anime fan or watcher then he or she should not worry about such a spoiler thing. One thing that can be assumed that the upcoming sequel of the attack on titans is going to be very exciting and interesting also.